Friday, April 11, 2014

six miles, all smiles

Yesterday I went 3 miles super easy and my knee seemed okay.

This morning, I went six miles. The only issue was at the end; I was running hard to finish and maybe that want such a good idea.  Otherwise, our was a successful run. Yay!

I think I'm going to go for six again tomorrow and see what my knee thinks about that.

[Updated:  Well, my knee wasn't so happy about the repeat performance.  I'm thinking about not even downgrading to the 10K at the run for the zoo.  Maybe the 1 mile fun run or the non-competitive 5K run/walk.  More on that later...]


  1. I really hope this knee of yours sort out soon now. Take it easy. The 5k sounds good...

  2. Make sure you put in as much on your recovery as you do the runs. Three days in a row might have been a bit much at this point.