Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowball Shuffle - a week late

Medal Earned!
When I joined the Winter Miles challenge, I also pre-ordered a finishers medal for the Snowball Shuffle virtual 8K. The virtual race itself was last week, but that didn't happen for me.  I did, however, earn my medal this morning.  Since I didn't have to report back my time (due to being late), I wasn't paying all the close of attention to my overall pace, but given that I am still doing a 2:1 run:walk and wasn't really pushing it, I'm guessing it ended up something like a 13:30 pace which puts it in the 66-67 minute range.  That sounds about right.

I'm fairly certain that I will not be entering the Sweetheart Race for this weekend.  After this morning's run, I'm confident that I am not really in race shape.  And I don't really want to pay two entry fees (for both me and Husband) for a training run.  This virtual race, albeit a week late, is good enough for me to feel back at it.  As for Sunday, I think I'll simply run solo before or after church instead.

Looking at my training schedule, next weekend I'm scheduled for 6.5 miles. As long as I can do that, my half marathon training is recoverable.  Right now it's more about the distance than speed, so that's going to be my focus.


  1. Great job on getting it done! I admit we don't do a ton of races because I am cheap :) I try to wait until I feel really ready to go hard. Hope the 6.5 went well

  2. Entry fees put me off doing some races too. I used to do heaps but I've cut right back to doing just the ones I really want to do and if that involves a weekend away then all the better. That could probably be why I think racing's expensive.

  3. Congratulations Lisa! Race prices are a real downside of participation but I'm glad you could do this one and get a great medal too :)

  4. You take a very smart approach with your recovery and half marathon training. Keep it up and you will have a great half marathon!!