Friday, February 14, 2014

Long Run Friday

snazzy new shoes
This morning I strapped on my new shoes and decided to go for my "long run" for the week. Shoes are the same Kinvara 4 that I've been wearing, just a new pair in a new color because my old ones are starting to break down.

I realize that the weather is really cruddy in most parts of the country, but we're actually enjoying some pretty nice weather for February. It was 50 and sunny for my run this morning.  I was dressed in capris and a long sleeve shirt (mostly to protect my arms from the sun). Crazy for Feb!

My training plan has 6.5 for the long run this week, and that's exactly what I did.  I stuck with the 2:15-0:45 interval that I mentioned in a previous post.  I think this interval works well for me.  I'm not breaking any personal speed records, but I'm moving faster than I would have expected given all the walking.  My overall average pace was 11:45 for the run including the walking.  Right now I really don't care about my pace, I'm just trying to work up the distance and protect my knee.

shadow at mid point
What really isn't working so well is the whole running solo thing.  I ran with music for the first time in a long time. I had one ear bud in and one ear bud out.  I've recently bought some new albums, so this kept me somewhat entertained, but it really isn't the same as running with a partner.

To keep myself from bailing on the distance, I did an out and back route.  Once I hit the mid point, I had no option other than completing the distance to get back home.
It was a fairly flat route with lots of sand, which is nice on my joints, that I can run straight from home.  There was a little too much sun though, I won't be able to run this route when it gets warmer.  When that happens, I'll need to drive to a path that has shade.  It's going to be hard to get motivated to do that by myself.

But for now I'm just taking it one day at a time.  

Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day.  Remember to be kind to others and to yourself!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Lisa! Nice work on the long run!

  2. Protect that knee! You are doing great taking care of yourself and building mileage up.
    Do you need some podcast ideas? They help me so much on a solo long run. There are so many free ones out there too.

  3. You're doing such a great job coming back on to your program. It's just so tough to have to back off and make yourself be patient but it's so worth it in the long run.

  4. You might like to listen to books if you're missing running buddies. Kind of fun to have a story told to you while you run!

  5. We have the same goal: to work up the distance and protect the knee. But to protect my knee I always more often go to swim instead of running.

  6. Good job on your long run. Did your knee give you any issues? Do you have a local running store close by? Maybe they know people who are looking for running buddies.

  7. I only do out and backs on my long runs, and I never carry my cell. I think I'd call and have Sidekick come get me if I did!

  8. You're doing great and you are smart to now worry about the pace.

  9. I often use the same method! That way I only have to rely on my willpower for half my run. The other part is all about getting home again.

  10. Nice job on the run.....
    ... and this "sun" thing you speak of..... what is that again?