Saturday, November 30, 2013

Leaf Running

No Black Friday or Small Business Saturday shopping for me, but I've completed my third run for the week. This time I found another friend to run with who was willing to try the Galloway intervals with me.  The snow from last weekend is gone, just a bunch of crunchy leaves on the trail.
crunch, crunch, crunch
So perfectly timed thanks to my interval timer!

I have begun to notice issues with my left knee again.  I actually called the orthopedic last week to request another round of Euflexxa injections.  While I'm not thrilled that my knee seems to need treatment again, this is actually not a bad time of year to do it.  I'm hoping the medicine comes in next week so we can schedule to start early the week after that.  It will require me to take a break from running (but I'll probably try to run just a few intervals a couple times a week) for a few months, but I should be back in full force by end of January.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your knee needing further intervention :( Hopefully this can get you back into things fully for next year though. And, those intervals are super impressive! What a great graph.

  2. Very good job on the intervals.
    Sorry for your knee; what about swimming during your period off from running?
    Heal soon!!!!

  3. Sorry you are having more problems with your knee. It doesn't seem right that our bodies betray us when we are trying to keep them healthy.

  4. Sorry about the knee acting up again. I'm looking forward to see more about the interval timer. I think it's a great little tool.

  5. Bummer about your knee! I hate it when my body doesn't do what I want it to do.

    I was wondering: do you think an app could be a substitute to the Jeff Galloway training thingy?

    Mom's Home Run

  6. I seriously wish there was a way to get around injuries and pain...
    Such a bummer.

  7. Oh that sucks. I hope everything comes out good.