Thursday, January 17, 2013

TTT - White Tea, Workout Tracking, & Strength Work

White Tea - Remember when I said I was going to start drinking white tea?  Yes? No?  Well I did and I have been.  I've tried several types and discovered that for the most part, I rather like White Tea.  Who knew?!  My two favorites are White Peony and Blueberry Pomegranate White Tea, both from Art of Tea.  I've also discovered some that I really don't care for, namely anything with bergamot or ginger added.  Live and learn.

Workout Tracking - Some of you use fancy schmancy programs to track your workouts.  Some of you use charts. I happen to be a fan of the pen and paper method via a little calendar notebook. However, I didn't buy a new one until recently.  So my tracking for this month has not been going well.  I find myself trying to remember what I did and back fill it.  Also, without the tracking, I've been a bit sloppy with the excuses.  This should all come to a head now that I have a new notebook in place though.  Phew!

Strength Work - I've been feeling that my routine has been getting stale.  It's been a long time since I've done straight up strengthening exercises with weights, so I decided to give that a go yesterday.  My arms are sore today, in a good way, so I must have done something right.  Time will tell as to whether or not I stick with this or not, but for now I am interested in working this in.

Oh, and it looks to be a balmy 31 deg at my scheduled running times tomorrow & Saturday.  Woot!  So much better than the frigid stupid cold last weekend.


  1. Being the data geek I am, I used a pretty detailed spreadsheet with all sorts of metrics to track my workouts

    Enjoy your runs tomorrow and Saturday, sounds like your weather should be decent compared to last weekend, though I would have taken single digits over the 60 low/80 high I had to run last weekend at my marathon

  2. Hooray for notebooks! And for arms hurting in a good way!

  3. I'm a huge stats geek so use different programs and spreadsheets but I do love the pen and paper too. I'm doing upper body and core 3 times a week currently and will up to 4 times next month. It definitely helps for the longer runs.

  4. A real notebook! That is quite cool :) I may have ot try that.

  5. I used Dailymile for tracking my workouts but went back to an excel sheet. This way I can keep all the data that is important to me and also can compare years.

  6. I too use Dailymile but I love nothing more than a nice calendar and pen!