Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In with the New

I'm not what I call a "resolutionist", meaning I don't make New Year's resolutions.  But I am a goal-oriented person and given that it's new month, especially combined with a New Year, has given me pause to think about what I most want to achieve in the coming months. This isn't a full year look-ahead, but bigger than just a month.  I decided that a stop, start, continue format would work best for this.


  • Take measures to deal with estrogen dominance (look it up - in my case this is related to being a middle-aged woman).  I've added a few new supplements to my routine. I think that I'll know if it's working if I feel that I'm sleeping better
  • Be more of an "encourager".  I almost put this in the continue bucket because I'd like to believe that I'm already somewhat encouraging to others, but I really want to step up my game here.  


  • In the past few weeks, the 365 project (one photo a day for a year) seems to have turned into a chore rather than a hobby.  I found myself missing days then trying to make up for it.  Over and over again.  To the point that I realized that I've lost interest in this and it's no longer fun.  I'd been doing for 10 of the planned 12 months.  Since this was nothing more than a hobby, I decided to 'officially' put it to a close on New Years Eve day.  I feel good about that decision.  Maybe I'll start up again on March 1. But this time, rather than call it a 365, I'll call it a photo-a-day and let the duration happen naturally.


  • Be smart about my knee.  Race for fun, keep the distances reasonable, stop when it hurts. I'd rather run short and slow than not at all. This worked well for me in 2012 and I want to repeat that in 2013. Looking at some fun runs in the next few months to kick-start the new year.
  • 3x week yoga, 2-3/week running, 3/week fitness walking seems like a good maintenance plan for my body.  I want to keep this up and build from there. 
  • Read at least 1-2 books a week.  This may sound odd to you, but until my Husband bought me a Nexus 7 in the beginning of August, I hadn't read for fun EVER.  Since then, I've been reading like a fool.  I want to keep this up and read at least 1-2 books a week just for fun. 


  1. I want to read more, and by that, I mean not books about endurance sports, well maybe true life stories and uplifting books about endurance racing, not just the techinal books I read, yep I am boring

  2. I love that you realized the chore v hobby (or something you enjoy). I had that happen when I used to watch the show 24. I told D that the show was becoming time consuming and getting in the way. I had been watching it for so long, I forgot I could do one thing. He did it for me... he walked over to the TV, and turned it off, looked at me, and said, "Problem solved."

  3. Great goals! I agree on the hobby becoming a chore thing. Sometimes we need to remember that things that are stressing us out are often our own doing! Great job...

  4. Sounds like some solid goals. A tablet or dreaded makes it so easy to do lots of reading

  5. They sound great, especially the photo one where doing it that way you'll keep the joy in it. Happy 2013!

  6. what kind of supplements are you taking for the estrogen dominance? i'm curious :) happy 2013!

  7. Great goals for this year! 1-2 books a week> That is amazing!!!