Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two down, thirteen to go

As I mentioned near the end of Friday's post, I bought a 15 visit punch card pass for the pool.  It now has a grand total of two punches so I have thirteen to go.  Yes, that means I've already been back to the pool.  Went on Sunday afternoon.  It was much more crowded than I expected, but I still managed to get a lane to myself.  Also did another timed 400 at 8:46.  Nice!

Monday was not such a good day.  Husband is out of town on business. No problem.  I took a long meeting from home and intended on going into the office.  Only my car wouldn't start!  Dang it!  Of course this happens when I'm home alone.  I contacted a work colleague who is also a friend and he offered to come by later in the afternoon and try to jump start it.  So I ended up working from home instead of going to the office.

He was able to get it jump started.  I left it running for a while, then drove it around a little, then went over to his house to turn it off and see if it would start again.  Again, wouldn't start.  Jumped it again and this time I went over to the battery store.  I told them what happened.  They checked the battery and it was low, but they weren't sure if maybe it just hadn't charged enough.  They suggested that they jump start it again (using their little booster pack thing) and I leave it running for another hour.  They would check it one more time and if still low, I definitely need a new battery.

Only this time they couldn't get it started.  I could have called my friend and had him jump start it for the third time, but he'd have to drive over to where I was.  Also, it was starting to rain.  I just decided to get a new battery and at least that way I could get my car running and get home and rule out the battery itself as the problem.  I may not have actually needed a new battery, but there are worst things than having a new battery that you don't need.  At least the battery itself should last for another 3-6 years.

Anyway, with all this hoopla, I did not get a chance to do much else Monday evening.  Assuming I don't have car troubles today and the weather holds out, I am planning to meet my friend near the pool for a run/swim.  And no matter what happens today, I *will* go back to the pool on Friday.

Oh, and I have a give-away planned for sometime over the next week.  Stay tuned!  


  1. Yay for swimming!! Boo for car problems. Hope that gets sorted out very quickly!

  2. You have a wonderful friend who would come help jump start your car. I agree. A new battery couldn't hurt. And you will probably be good for another few years. :)

  3. I went through the same rigamarole with car batteries awhile ago. Pain but at least it gives you peace of mind.
    Swim away!

  4. Ah, car batteries! They don't have the good sense to die when it's more convenient for you!

  5. Hurrah for the second swim !

    .... And phffff to the car battery thingy.... Sounded like you needed a new one anyhow.... Just what a phaff!

  6. Woot Woot for the pool visits.

  7. Good job on the swimming!

    We have AAA and I can't tell you how many times I've used it for getting my battery jumped. Saves me a lot of time and aggravation.

  8. Car trouble sucks, especially when your husband is gone! I hope you have figured it out by now. Good job on your swim!!