Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb Tally & ABCs of Me

Feb Numbers:
  • 67.7 miles by feet (49.4 mi running, 13.3 miles walking)
  • 1 5K PR!
  • 2 treadmill runs
  • 4 group runs
  • several solo runs
  • 1 cranky knee
  • several missed runs
  • extra rest/ice days
  • 4 yoga sessions
  • 2 half hours snow shoveling
  • 1 weekend get-away
  • 1 dog on antibiotics
  • Still really pleased about my 5K PR
  • Equally displeased about my cranky knee
  • "Go with the flow" - cut back mileage, ice and rest
  • Rework half-marathon training plan and try get to the finish line with a smile.
ABCs of me:
  • (A) Age: 46
  • (B) Bed Size: King
  • (C) Chore You Really Dislike: Laundry - it never ends!
  • (D) Dogs? Bandit & Stymie. Also have two cats.
  • (E) Essential Start Your Day: Coffee!!
  • (F) Favorite Color: I love rich brown colors
  • (G) Gold or Silver? Yellow Gold or I actually prefer pieces with mixed metals (yellow & white both)
  • (H) Height: 5'5 1/2"
  • (I) Instruments You Play: IPod/CD player. LOL
  • (J) Job Title: Software Process Architect/Engineer
  • (K) Kids: Son, age 19 & Daughter, age 17
  • (L) Live: Corrales, NM
  • (M) Mom's Name: Jackie
  • (N) Nicknames: Mom, some relatives call me Lee, most people call me Lisa
  • (O) Overnight Hospital Stays? three times - one for tonsils and one each for childbirth
  • (P) Pet Peeve: Picking up after others
  • (Q) Quote from a Movie: "I don't like that cat, he reads minds" - from Ice Age. It's funnier in context
  • (R) Right or Left Handed? LEFT!
  • (S) Siblings: 1 older sister.
  • (T) Time You Wake Up? ~6am
  • (U) Underwear: Yes.
  • (V) Vegetable You Dislike: Brussel Sprouts
  • (W) What Makes You Run Late: laziness
  • (X) X-Rays: multiple times each for knee, fingers, elbow, teeth, spine
  • (Y) Yummy Food You Make: Apple Pie
  • (Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Zebras


  1. Fun post...I'm with ya, lefty and no brussels sprouts!

  2. Nice month -- aside from the knee. but, you've got a good attitude.

    Love the ABCs.

  3. Brussels sprouts...YUCK!
    I like the instruments you play! (:

  4. Crap! Nobody told me, I forgot "V".
    Thanks for playing along. ;)

  5. Love these lists! Have you tried roasting brussel sprouts with olive oil and salt & pepper? Maybe some prosciutto and garlic too? I have converted many haters this way. :)

    Great month, especially that PR!

  6. We both hate laundry!!!

    I love these types of post

  7. the only way to eat brussel sprouts is with lotsa bacon. bacon. more bacon. and bacon fat. did I mention brussel sprouts? I love them! :-)

  8. i'm loving the ABC's thing. i'm a lefty too!

  9. Laundry is easy, you throw in the clothes and pull them out!

  10. I always hated brussel sprouts but when you roast them with lemon (and maybe bacon like Wes says)

  11. I see lots of similarities between hating BS for one. Ugh!

  12. Yay fun randomness :) laziness FTW! Picking up after others is a good one. Heck I dislike having to make hubs' side of the bed!

  13. I think brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable! great month!!