Saturday, February 12, 2011

Captain Obvious saves the day!

"If it's cold outside in the morning, wait until it warms up."

I really wanted to run outside on Friday rather than succumb to the treadmill yet again, but it was 17deg or so in the morning. Checked out the weather forecast and saw that it was expected to get to ~45deg in the afternoon. So I planned my day to allow running in the afternoon.

I'm happy to say that my run occurred outside on a dirt trail. Yes!

"Long runs tire you out. Not a good idea 2 days before a race."

Overall, I didn't do a very good job sticking to my training schedule this week. I was supposed to run 4 miles total on Thursday with 1 mile at 10K pace. That didn't happen at all. Rather than skip yet another run, I decided to run long on Friday. I actually wanted to run 8.0 miles on Friday, but finally listed to those wiser than myself and ran 6.2 miles easy instead.

Okay, so it would have been better to do the prescribed run on Thursday instead of this longer run on Friday, but at least I didn't go too far or too fast.

"The key to negative splits is to start off slow and then speed up."

It always sounds so simple, but is never easy to implement. I'm not sure about you, but I'm not so good at pacing in general. Add to the mix a tendency to start out too fast, and it ends up being difficult to pick up the pace after putting several miles on the legs.

I made a concerted effort to start out slow and managed to pull off negative splits while sticking with easy paces overall. From that perspective, the run was a success.


  1. Good job on the negative splits. It seems so obvious to me too, but I have a hard time accomplishing them as well.

  2. The captain should visit my house since I ran when it was 19 degrees this morning. It is now almost 40.

  3. Wow, that means you're getting smarter! HA

  4. I think I have finally learned pacing for a half but am still clueless in the full marathon....
    ...I am a slooww learner.

  5. a bit off topic but I love that picture and am STEALING IT RIGHT NOW :)
    Negative splits? You rock!

  6. The negative split is a good way to improve the speed; during a race it could be a wise tactic.
    I agree, not a good idea the long distance run before a race (that has to be the tapering time).

  7. Negative splits do sound easy.
    Never are though, for me.

  8. Negative splits - yeah, start slow! And we've been on the dreadmills WAY too much this year - but we're starting to see signs of spring around here and got out on Saturday. Good to see you are still blogging, and nice job on your Valentines Run!