Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Things Thursday

THING ONE - The Return to Running and an Attempt at Half Marathon Training

Yes, I promise that I will take it easy. If my knee isn't ready, I will give it more time. If the half-marathon isn't meant to be, there will be other races. I get all of that. Really, I do. But right now I really, really, really want to get out there and test it out. My rusty-trusty running partner is meeting me bright and early Saturday morning. He has promised everyone that has expressed concern that we will be going SLOW.

THING TWO - Race on Sunday

I got my assignment for the half marathon on Saturday. I will be working at the first water stop along with another lady from my running group and her daughter. I think it is going to be loads of fun!! I'm so tempted to bring my camera (lots of friends are running this race), but the assignment is to give water to thirsty runners, not take pictures of them! LOL

THING THREE - Swim Progress

I made it to the pool four times last week and twice so far this week. I timed another 400 yesterday morning: 09:11. While this is not bad really, I am rather disappointed that I still can't get under nine minutes. I can feel my form fall apart in the back half of the 400, but I'm not sure what "one thing" to focus on right now (While it is quite possible that there may be multiple things that I can improve, but I can really only focus on improving one thing at a time). Without knowing for sure what that one thing is, I will focus on my head position and see if that helps.


  1. Good luck on your run saturday, take it easy!!

    Your swim looks good, I dare say you are faster than me.

  2. GOOD LUCK ON SATURDAY! I hope everything feels great.

  3. Good luck with your knee. Have fun volunteering. AWESOME! way to kick it in on the swims!!

  4. You have been such a good little patient, I give you that. ;)
    10 days!!

  5. that's awesome you're volunteering, i loved my volunteer experiences! and i think you should give half training a shot, sounds like you're being smart and careful about it. so GOOD LUCK. excited to see how it goes, i'm sure you'll be fine! :) and nice swimming, i miss the pool!

  6. I'm keeping fingers crossed that your run goes well! Enjoy the volunteer stint--you're awesome!

  7. Thanks for volunteering for the race, I love to hear when people give back to the race community.

  8. I think as long as you listen to your body while training for the half marathon, you will be fine! I know it!

    Have fun volunteering for the race!

    And way to go on your swimming!