Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Morning Motivation

Remember how I was going to swim yesterday. Yeah. So that didn't happen. For me to have time to swim before work, I need to leave the house at 5:45. I don't think I rolled out of bed until 6:20. Oops. Swimming is back on the schedule for Thursday. Guess my swim motivation was missing.

Yesterday afternoon I talked to Coach. He wanted to know how the return to running was going. I told him about the knee incident on Friday and cancelling my run Saturday. Also about having success with some short runs. We agreed that frequent short runs was a good way to ease back into running. At the end of the discussion, I mentioned that I would like to try 3 miles (easy pace) in the morning, but would back off from that if my knee showed any signs of distress.

The nice thing about running vs. swimming is that I don't have to travel anywhere to do it. No problem rolling out of bed (again) at 6:20 and still having time for a short run. Even thought it wasn't exactly an early morning wake-up, I had plenty of motivation to get out there this morning. I queued up Matisyahu "Smash Lies" on my ipod and took off.

"Dream awake. Make no mistake.
Strive to be alive most every day"

I promise not to complain about how slow I am or how much of a struggle running even three miles is after taking 3 months. I am and it is; this is not a complaint, just a statement of fact. Rather than dwell on how running was before or how I want it to be, I'm really just trying to enjoy how it IS. What I love most about it is the feeling of being alive. What do you love most about running?

mile 1 11:24
mile 2 11:39
mile 3 11:29

Hey, if nothing else, my splits were more consistent than usual. That's gotta count for something!


  1. I love running for exactly those reasons. It brings clarity.

  2. I love being able to just get up and go. I get a feeling from running that any other workout can't give me. Must be the endorphins.

    nice job on your run, girl!

  3. Yes! Celebrate the positive... being able to roll out of bed and go for a run!

    Running makes me feel alive. It sounds cliche, but it's true!

  4. I agree with Marlene. Celebrate the positive!
    What I like about running? I like knowing my legs can go the distance. I think after being less of a beginner runner, we get more and more consumed by pace and miles and totally forgotten the simple pleasure of running - "Feeling free when you run. Having legs that can actually do the running."

  5. Lance Armstrong had a Matisyahu song (King without a Crown) on his iTunes running list.

  6. This also shows where your heart truly is - running. ;)

  7. see this is why i like to be a runner and not do tri's, I just walk out the door and go!! to ride my bike I have mess with getting a key for the bike room, carrying it down stairs, blah blah..not just walking out the door

  8. Good for you! I've been running for over 6 months now and I'm running 11-minute miles, so it's not always about's about getting out there and doing it! :)

  9. I'm at 10 weeks. I like the frequent short runs approach you're taking, but a quarter mile might not be what your coach meant ;)

  10. Good job on the three miles. Hope the pain free recovery continues.

    Me, I can't live without running, so let's hope my knees can stay injury free.

  11. Yay for 3 miles!

    Running helps me clear my mind. I seem to need an active body to have a quiet brain :)

  12. How do I love running, let me count the ways...

    Running keeps me sane and I get to eat carbs. :)

    This post resonated with me, big time with the running vs swimming. Ditto!

  13. That's my favorite thing about running too. I can go from anywhere and it doesn't really require much advance prep.

  14. Running is like breathing to me. I can't go long without doing it!