Sunday, March 1, 2009

Freaky Frog Feet and Feb Totals

Yesterday we drove up to Santa Fe so we could get these:

What on earth are those? You might ask. They're called Vibram Five Fingers. The model is Sprint. Daughter thinks they make us look like we have freaky frog feet. I agree these aren't the most sexy footwear I've ever owned.

No, we aren't converting to barefoot running, although apprently they are popular for that. We bought them to use in the water.

"But you live in the desert?", you might be thinking. Yes we do. This purchase is for our upcoming 20th anniversary trip. Some place tropical. Think "second honeymoon." Yes, I'm very excited. More info with be forthcoming in upcoming posts, I promise.

February Totals
* Ran 35.5 miles
* Yoga 9 times
* Strength at the gym 11 times
* One race - 5K

* Stupid hamstring tendonitis really messed up my month. I'm so tired of being perpetually injured.
* Still loving the gym.

Plans for March
* Start swimming again
* 20th anniversary trip!!


  1. 20 Years! What an accomplishment.

    I love the new footwear, this week get on a bench and do 5 pushups! :)

  2. You definitely need to review these! I'm pretty sure I read a review in RW but now I can't remember. Do they make your toes feel weird?

    That's awesome that you are going someplace tropical for your 20th anniversary!

  3. Cool shoes...

    Yay for a new month, eh?!

  4. woohoo....enjoy the second honeymod!

  5. Nice Feb totals!

    Second honeymoon, huh? NICE!

  6. Those are interesting...I am also looking forward to the product review.

    Have fun on the 2nd honeymoon. 20 years of marriage is something to celebrate!

  7. Injuries are no fun! Yoga and strength training should help though.
    Tropical? Jamaica? (We were married there in '92. Been back 8 times). Hmmmmm, wonder where you're going. Dying to hear.

  8. amen to stupid injuries, let March be a month of healing and moving forward!

    I have those shoes as my little icon for instant messanger at work, it freaks people out

  9. LOL most people would just get a pair of reef shoes but you have gone uber-cool!

  10. Can't wait to hear about your trip plans! AND about how those freaky frog shoes work for you :)

  11. You're not going to use them at all for running? I guess their supposed to be really good.

    Ohhhh second honeymoon sounds nice!!

  12. Those are kind of freaky looking, but they look good for walking in the water. I hate stepping on sharp objects with bare feet. If your trip involves a tropical area it will be good.

  13. These are very cool! You aren't even a little curiious about trying them to run?? I know I would but then again might injure myself even more LOL

    From your post: "Stupid hamstring tendonitis really messed up my month. I'm so tired of being perpetually injured."

    I feel like the perpetually injured runner too, shall we start a club or smth?

  14. i read about those shoes when i was reading about the Pose running, and as you said, these are to 'mimic' barefoot running. But using in them in the water on a trip sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear about the second honeymoon! take care.

  15. 20 years!! that is sooo awesome :)

    hope the hamstring continues to get better!!

  16. Congratulations on your 20th coming up! Can't wait to hear about the trip.

    Great workout numbers, too.

  17. Those shoes are pretty freaky. But if they involve anything tropical, I want some! Have a great trip.

  18. Interesting shoes! I can't wait to hear where you guys are planning to use them for your second honeymoon.

    Injuries definitely suck. My hammy is still not the same after 8 months :-(

  19. Enjoy that trip, and cool shoes.

    I wish I felt as much love for the gym as you do, I need that motivation.

  20. Dee Dee and I will be married 20 years this month too!!! How exciting :-)

    I still have my water shoes I bought on Kauai... They were $8 at Walmart and $20 at the beach... suckas....

  21. Those are wild looking! It sounds like you are going to have quite a 20th trip.

  22. I kind of like the way those frog feet look. They look comfy.

    Bet they'll be great in the hot sand and for protecting your feet as you enjoy your tropical get-away. ;)

  23. Those Vibram fingers are so cool, I been wanting to get a pair of those.

    Actually should be interesting to run in.

    20th anniversary, congrats on the upcoming event.

  24. Those shoes are wicked cool! I think they're amazing! I hope you guys have a great time! -e