Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Are we there yet?

It's May. Time for the rubber to meet the road.

Here's what the month looks like for me:

  • This weekend - Run for the Zoo 5K - Running with husband and son. Daughter has declared "running isn't fun!!" and is staying home. There are a lot of folks running this event and it takes a half mile or more to get into a decent pace. No performance goals. GOALS: Have fun; cheer wildly for son; enjoy husband cheering wildly for me!!

  • Next weekend - Jay Benson Sprint Tri (a reverse tri) - First time for me to do a reverse tri. Have plans to meet up with ShyTriGirl which is actually the highlight of the weekend for me!! Goals: Have fun; meet up with ShyTriGirl; figure out how reverse tri's work; finish; don't get hurt!!

  • Following Thursday - Arrive in Lubbock for two-day half-iron distance Tri camp (Oh.My.Gosh.What.Have.I.Gotten.Myself.Into) immediately followed by my first ever Oly Tri on Sunday. Goals: Have fun, finish, don't get hurt, and try not to be dead last.

  • I'm really hoping to be in for a FUN ride over the next few weeks because...

  • Upon return home - Kiss family. Promise to take a break, and spend more time with them. Work like mad to remove furniture from kids rooms, rip out carpet in anticipation of tiling project that got delayed because of my extra-curricular activities, and resume previously interuppted daily life including half finished room painting endeavors and disregarded yard and garden work. I owe them BIG TIME for letting me indulge myself recently.

I don't know how any working full-time mothers with busy kids and other family obligations and home improvement projects can keep up the training and racing demands of anything more than what I've tried to do. I realize that I simply can't sustain it, and really need to devote more time to my family this summer.


  1. Sounds like a great month is planned. It CAN be done, Lisa. You just need to be creative. I'm looking forward to hearing about your exploits this month. Slow and steady sounds wonderful to me. That's the way I want to be. Consistent through out my tri.

  2. OMG, What Have You Done!? Just kidding! Looks like you'll have a great time! Please give us details as you go along and hopefully photos!

  3. Good luck with the 5k this weekend. Those are way tougher than long runs. You can never catch a breath.

  4. Sounds like a great month coming up. I hope that you meet your goal of enjoying all of it, everything is extra. How cool that you will meet Shytrigirl!

    I don't think anyone could do it better, you're juggling a lot of stuff and you've got to re-prioritize at times. Enjoy the time tri-ing and with family. They're both important. I look forward to hearing all your updates.

  5. Good luck on all your endeavors this summer. I know how hard it is to keep up training and balance work and family. No matter how many times you want to put yourself first, the guilt sets in and you end up compromising on what they want or need,or giving in entirely. Its good for them t realize though that you are a person, not just a mom. I'm pretty sure they don't think of that on their own without some reminders.

  6. Sound like you will have a busy couple of weeks. Good luck in your 5k.. A reverse TRI, never heard of that before...

    But hang in there. You will do great.

  7. Great post! tri camp? Sounds like work but should be fun!

  8. Have fun on the 5k. Reverse tri sounds interesting.

  9. Sounds like a fun month. Good luck with the half ironman training. You'll do great.

  10. What extra-curricular activities? :P looks like u got a handful.

    U don't have to rush into tri. Just do it if u have time...

  11. SOunds like an exciting month. My kids are in their teens and always out so the training is filling in. Good luck with the 5k and enjoy!

  12. Reverse Tri? Is that like run, bike, swim or do you do all events in reverse? Swim and bike could be challenging.... ;-)

    Yup, important to keep family in balance when we train. It's easy sometimes to get caught up in following thru with the training plan at all costs...

    Have fun at the 5k and reverse Tri and post some pics ya?