Sunday, May 6, 2007

Run for the Zoo

This morning Husband, Son, & I participated in the Run for the Zoo 5K. Daughter stayed home, sleeping in, so there was noone to take photos.

This event is always packed, with thousands of participants showing up for one of four races: timed 10K, timed 5K, 5K fun run/walk, 1mile fun run/walk.

Because of the crowd, I didn't have any performance goals, just wanted to have fun.

I brought my Garmin and decided to hit start when I made my way to the start line, rather than when the gun went off.

At mile 1, Garmin told me that I had hit an 8:45min/mi pace. Holy Smokes!!The guy at the mile marker called out something like 9:12. The 25-30second difference made sense given how long it took me to cross the start line.

At mile 2, I heard the guy call out something like 18:35, my garmin says 18:10. That's a 9:24 pace for me on mile 2. Yesssssssss.

I got a chuckle out of some of the signs that volunteers were holding up. "Almost there!" Yeah, right, there is a still a mile to go!! "Exercise is fun!" Easy for you to say, you're just standing there holding a sign!! LOL.

I couldn't see the clock at the finish line, but my Garmin says that I finished in 28:34, which would be a personal best by about 14 seconds. However, I'm guessing the official time will probably be right around 29:00 +/- a few seconds and won't end up being a PR after all. That is still a very good 5K time for me. It is better than I expected to do this morning, and I'm happy!

I asked Husband what his time was. He doesn't know. He couldn't see the clock when he finished and wasn't wearing a watch; will find out what his time was when results are posted.

Son knocked a good two minutes off his last 5K time, and finished right around 31:40. He was running with me up to the half-way point when he told me he had a cramp and stopped to walk for a bit.

After the race, we had popsicles, bagels, gatoraide, water, and energy bars. Yummy stuff. All in all, it was a fun morning.


  1. Sounds like a great family time!

  2. Ha. I love the people who shout "Almost there!" during a marathon at like mile 19. :)

    Good job on the race, sounds like everyone had fun.

  3. Congrats on the race. I hope you get the PR.

  4. official times are up.

    husband: 26:26 (PR!)
    me: 28:56 (2nd best)
    son: 31:40 (PR!)

  5. Great job on the race for the whole family minus the smart one relaxing at home.

  6. Well done you speedster you :)
    what a lovely family day

  7. Wow! What a great race. Don't you just love it when you scale down your expectations and then surpass them anyway?? Great job! You'll do great next week at your race.

  8. Nice race! I luv those maps from Sports Tracks too :-) I got one that would rather sleep in the car than come out to the race. I think Dee Dee dragged him out for my tri! LOL. Kids! Gotta luv them.

  9. 28:56 is pretty quick for a jam-packed 5k!

    I'm sorry but when are you gonna change your banner, you are not qualified to be "slow and steady" any more. More like "fast and furious". :-)

  10. How cool! I do not think I could run that fast a 5K even if the race were not crowded. I could certainly not persuade my boyfriend to come with me, he, he.

  11. What an active family you have. Awesome!

  12. Great job on your race and especially fun that you did it as a family.

  13. Great 5k!

    They have lot's of 5k's at the zoo in Phoenix and I'm keeping planning to run one - so far the timing hasn't worked.