Wednesday, May 30, 2007



- replaced adjustable stem with fixed stem
- removed goofy top-bar brakes
- re-routed brake cables
- replaced old computer with new one (with cadence)
- added airstryke aerobars
- added profile aerobottle
- re-wrapped with blue tape
- added blue water bottle cage (for fun)
- new pump mounted to bottle cage

The view from my seat sure looks different! Aerobars will take some practice, but after that windy weekend in Lubbock without them, I'm convinced this was a wise investment.

Son's room during demolition last weekend.

...and Son's room today with walls gone blue and tile installed. It's obviously not quite done, but we're getting closer. By end of day tomorrow, the baseboards should be back up and we'll be ready to start moving things back in. I am *so* ready for this to be over.

I didn't take photos of daughter's room, but she's got tile too and we picked up a blue area rug and funky blue storage shelves.


  1. Oh yea! She's lookin purty :-) (or mighty handsome if its a dude!)... Those aerobars will come in handy, and they do take some getting used to, especially when you are doing forty down hill!

  2. You must always try to color coordinate on your bike.

    The bikey look nicey.. Yeah I think aerobars help out alot..

    Have fun with the rest of the house project. I'm not looking forward to mine.

  3. Nice changes on your bike! Aerobars do take time to get used to. I have had them for a long time and its the same thing every year--4 or 5 rides and I gradually get comfortable again. Not there yet though! And yes, it would be nice to ride together. I'm sure you are trying as hard as you can to go faster, as I am, and I do know it takes time in the saddle to achieve that. We just have to be patient!

  4. Except for the blue, I did not understand much, I mean when it comes to the bike. But blue is beautiful.

  5. very nice cross mean wait...I mean bike. Yeah that's it, nice BIKE. Great changes and you'll L O V E the aerobars. ride on.

  6. she looks good, i can't wait to see how you feel riding with the new setup!

    i'd say - yes - tiling and painting and hauling stuff around DOES count as crosstraining!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by!! I'm with lia, besides the blue I didn't understand too much of it LOL (the bike that is) Hopefully your house projects will be over soon!