Friday, February 16, 2007


First off, thank you all so very very very much for the b'day wishes. What a blessing.

I didn't have access to email, but I checked online occasionally this week and read your comments. Then I got home and they are all there in email. It really meant a lot.

Now let's get to the issue at hand. What on earth am I doing awake, much less posting at this time of night?!?! Am I not queen of the early morning, who's chariot turns to a pumpkin at about 9pm each evening?

Funny you should ask...

Well. I was traveling on business this week and the whole time I was in California, my left ear hurt like crazy and I couldn't hear out of that side. I'm the victim of cold virus gone bronchitis gone ear ache. Yesterday, I signed my life away to get some sudafed look-alike thinking this would help clear up the congestion that must be causing the ear problem somehow. It says "non-drowsy formula". Apparently it would be more appropriate in my case to be labeled "anxiety formula"

I am finally back home, but I.can.not.sleep. Not only can I not sleep, my mind won't stop and all I seem to be dwelling on is the negative (which is so not like me). In my current state of sudafed-enhanced-anxiety, I could easly create a list upon list of 42 reasons why I shouldn't do just about anything.

Updated: In all fairness, the warning label does say that SOME PEOPLE might experience side effects including: Difficulty sleeping (insomnia), Restlessness, & Anxiety. I guess I am officially SOME PEOPLE.

And for the record, my ear didn't stop hurting until I got back home. I think being back at the same altitude (5000-ish feet) made it happy. The air pressure outside is back to matching what the inside of my ear wanted.

I guess it is all good.

Except for the fact that I still can't sleep...


  1. Maybe you just realized the Chicago Bears just lost the super bowl, maybe that is the reason for insomnia.

    Definetly take care of yourself, negative thoughhts and all. This soon will pass. Just think of it as a recovery week :).

  2. Ugh! I hate those earaches/sinus infections. Nothing gets me in a funk quicker than losing sleep from a sinus infection.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. It took me about 2 weeks to fully recover from traveing to Asia! Sleeping pills always help...

  4. You'l reset your sleep soon. Traveling always screws me up.

  5. You're definitely not the only "some people" out there. I have a head cold also and took sudafed pe last night. I spent most of the night unable to sleep with these horribly anxious, mostly negative thoughts spinning through my mind. How awful.