Monday, February 26, 2007

Good/Bad/Ugly cont.

Where to begin? I guess I'll start off where I left off last time.

The Good gets Better

Bandit is officially ours now. This weekend I decided to crack down and get serious with obedience training. We're currently working on Sit, Down, and Stay. I'm pleased with his progress.

The Bad continues to haunt me

I was feeling even worse on Thursday than I had been earlier in the week and finally succumbed to another visit to Urgent Care. They verified that I do in fact have a sinus infection. A few days of antibiotics and I'm already feeling better, except that I am extremely tired. This translates to sleeping in and continuing to miss workouts. It's gotten to the point where I decided to log 'walked the dog - 2.3 miles - 47 min' as exercise. How sad is that?

I'm concerned that all the effort I put in from Nov-Jan has effectively been thrown out the window. However, I'm hoping that at least the base training will 'stick'. Hopefully I'll be back on track this weekend. Next week I'm traveling on business again and I've made arrangements to meet a coworker at the hotel gym in the mornings. That will keep me accountable!

The Ugly isn't so Ugly anymore!

One blessing from being sick was that I hardly noticed the caffeine withdrawl headache on top of the other aches/pains and general malaise from the sinus infection. 7 days down...


  1. There is a silver lining in everything :-)

  2. Hopefully soon enough you are going to log "ran with the dog..."