Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Forty two

Yep, another year older.

I wanted to do something cool like ride 42 miles, but it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen when I got sick, so I'm posting 42 things about me instead.

Oh, and I’m on my way to the airport for a business trip. Not my first choice on how to celebrate a birthday, but I figure resting and recovering on the plane beats a day in the office.

Here's the list:

1) Since the year 2000, I’ve had opportunity to travel to France, Ireland, China, India, Australia, and New Zealand
2) I got really sick after visiting India. For a year I was in pain. The bacterial infection I picked up in India triggered an autoimmune disorder with a myriad of symptoms. I struggled with daily activities during this time.
3) It’s in remission now! A renewed appreciation of my health is what inspired me to TRI
4) I started running in August 2005
5) I often pray (praise and thanksgiving) when I’m running
6) I learned to swim in December 2005 - I was excited when I swam all the way across the pool for the first time.
7) I bought a road bike in February 2006
8) I completed my first Sprint Triathlon in August 2006
9) I’m hooked. This year I have Olympic distance in my plans
10) I’m not very fast
11) I’m okay with that; I finish with a smile anyway.
12) When I’m *really* frustrated, I say things like “Golly Neds!”, “Good Golly!”, or “Oh Flip!”
13) Several years ago, I tried to drive my car, with mountain bikes mounted on the roof rack, into my garage
14) Couldn’t figure out what kept the car from entering, backed up and tried again – then realized what I had just done
15) I think I might have said all three phrases that day
16) Don’t take it personally if I don’t recognize you if you wave while I’m out running or cycling
17) I wear glasses…but not during sports
18) I don’t have depth perception
19) I’m afraid of heights
20) I had a rollover car accident when I was in college (it wasn’t my fault, though)
21) I don’t like to drive
22) I don't wear make-up
23) I’ve broken the pinky finger on my left hand 3 times
24) I’m left handed
25) I’ve been married for 17yrs to a wonderful man and my best friend.
26) Before meeting him, I melted two tea-kettles by forgetting about them on the stove
27) He taught me how to cook and use the kitchen timer. And now I have a tea-kettle that whistles when the water is boiling so I don’t forget about it for too long.
28) We went skiing on our honeymoon
29) I discovered that I don’t particularly like skiing
30) We have two teenagers
31) I discovered that I don’t particularly like teenagers…just kidding…but they sure know how to turn daily life into an endurance sport
32) I worked part-time for 7 years when they were little
33) I decided to take up piano lessons in 2002 with my daughter
34) She plays much better than I do
35) I’m allergic to tree nuts…and tetracycline…and have large localized reactions to bee stings
36) I have a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in microelectronics.
37) For the past ten years my job hasn’t required the use of either
38) I don’t drink soda
39) I drink waaayyy too much coffee
40) I quilt for charity (Project Linus) in my ‘free time’
41) I truly feel incredibly blessed and thankful for all the good things in my life
42) Today I turn 42 and its gonna' be a great year!!


  1. Lisa,


    You and I are the same for numbers 10 and 11. Finishing with a smile is what it's all about.

    Stay tuned...

  2. Happy Birthday, Lisa!

    I had to laugh about the teapot... and the garage... I do things like that too. Well, not quite like that, you win. It is so cool that you threw yourself so whole-heartedly into TRI-ing. You'll have the most wonderful journey.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! The way I figure is if you can finish anything with a smile you've won. Have a great day and good trip.

  4. Happy Birthday! Being an absent minded professor type, I can appreciate the tea pot thing! Have a great trip!!

  5. Happy Birthday! What a fun list. I don't like skiing either, and my car with bike on top has been driven into a garage too (not by me)!

  6. I hope you have a great birthday and a nice trip. You didn't say where you were going, but I hope at least the weather is nice there. I loved your 42 posts. Especially the "I don't particularly enjoy teenagers." It's such a roller coaster with them and their moods huh? I told my husband last week during a bad time "I just don't enjoy being a mom as much as I use to." Is that horrible to say? Something about that attitude that comes at about 14.... I think did I really raise this child to be so ungrateful and demanding? Can I start over?
    Then the next week she can be as sweet and loveable as pie. I'm not falling for it, I know next week she'll be back to her old self. ha ha.
    nuff said

  7. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed your 42 things about you more than if you'd taken a 42 mile bike ride- even if you would have preferred the ride.

    The finishing smile is why I'll be at the starting line again some day. Back of the pack works for me.

    Safe travels.

  8. happy birthday, lisa! i can so relate to so many of things on your list - especially the kettle melting. i once left boiling eggs on the stove. now that was a MESS. what a great idea, to reflect on your first 42 - here's to way more than 42 more!!

  9. "Golly Neds!”, “Good Golly!”, or “Oh Flip!” Woah, tune it down, there!

  10. Happy b-day.

    Don't like driving? I wonder why?

    Finish with a smile on your face. The only way to finish.

    Don't worry about the 42 mile bike ride. There is always next year. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. Great way to celebrate - congrats on 42 trips around the Sun! That's 584.3 million miles you can put in your training log!

  12. Hey Lisa, I am gald that I swung by and did not miss your birthday! Not exactly a list of 42, but I noticed a LOT of similarities between us:

    1. I am 40 this year (close enough to 42). That makes us both Novice Master Triathletes. :)

    2. I ain't too fast either.

    3. I often pray or worship when I run too. I like to think of it as my way of dancing for Him. :)

    4. I have also only done Sprints and planning for an O.D. this year.

    5. I have a degree in Computer Engineering (which is like Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, so close enough).

    6. This is my favourite: "I truly feel incredibly blessed and thankful for all the good things in my life."

    7. We will both be spending Valentines Day on a business trip away from our loved ones. :(

    Next time you are in Asia, give me a heads up. I'll try to meet you here. :)

  13. Happy be-lated birthday.

    What a great idea with the list...I loved it!

    We went skiing on our honeymoon as well. Wasn't my favorite vacation. I wouldn've rather been somewhere warm on a beach, but that's what you get when your hubby gets to plan that part of the wedding.

  14. Hey Lisa, fellow aquarian and triathlete (if i can use that word for myself at the mo....) Happy Birthday just gone - I like your list - can relate to incidents (such as driving into garage - doh). Have my own bday tomorrow although don't think I can compete on the list front!! I picked up on this Tri thing last year and hope to move up to Olympic this year - absolutely believe in the cool calm approach to tri - Finishing with a smile is my goal (oh yeah and being able to walk the next day). Keep up the blog, I now have you bookmarked!!!

  15. Happy Birthday Lisa--I love the list. Keep challenging yourself.

  16. Happy Birthday! and thanks for the list - fun!