Thursday, September 11, 2014

What's Next, Elevation Profiles, & Never Forget

What's Next:  The short answer -  I'm not sure.  But that doesn't make for a very good blog post.  So I'll try to explain a bit of the longer answer.

So while my knee is generally okay with cycling, it's not generally been okay with much else.  I called the orthopedic to get things started to get going with my next series of injections.  Depending on when those are ready to go, one of the following scenarios is likely to occur:

If they can be ready to go by Oct 17:  Will plan to attempt to commute to one day of Balloon Fiesta by bike, weather permitting and if I get a suitable light for my bike.  Husband will attempt the century at Day of Tread and I will sit that one out. Hopefully my knee will be in good shape for light hiking by mid November.

If they can't be ready to by Oct 17th. Will still plan to commute to one day of Balloon Fiesta by bike. Husband & I will likely attempt the half-century at Day of Tread. Light hiking won't be possible by mid-November, but I'll try to set up the injections to begin immediately after Thanksgiving.

Elevation Profiles:  Just to give some idea what the "short course" ride was like.  The scale isn't the same between the two graphs.  Trust me, day 2 was much more challenging.
Day 1 - 36.8 miles, short steep climbs beginning and end, overall not too bad
Day 2 - 38.1 miles, due to scale it's deceiving - long steady climb first 10 miles, remainder easy peasy
Never Forget:


  1. That's an intense elevation profile! You're braver than I am!

  2. Elevation profiles really highlight how hard 'hard' can be! Impressive stuff, and I hope your knees improve before too long :S

  3. That elevation looks killer to me. Hope you can get the injections lined up so the knee is happy!

  4. There were some pretty mean hills on that course. And it's not just the uphills that are tough. Down hills scare the bejeezus out of me.

  5. Definitely some challenging hills on those courses! Good luck with taking care of your knees - fingers crossed for you!

  6. 10 miles of climbing is a lot!

  7. Wow, holy mountains!! Sorry t hear you need those injections again. Hope you get it all done in time.