Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Summary

  • 96.2 miles by feet (55.6 running, 40.6 walking)
  • 25.4 miles by seat
  • 8 hrs painting (aka upper body)
  • 4 hrs yard/garden work (aka lower body)
  • 3 dog interval runs (aka fartleks)
  • 10 workouts involving hills
  • 2 chiro appt for IT band
  • 1 race (10K)
  • Better month than March, but way behind on cycling compared to where I wanted to be.  Last year I was more disciplined about mid week cycling.  I need to get that back.
  • Seem to be managing my knee fairly well.  Must continue that. 
  • Yesterday I ran with some different people.  I helped them go a bit farther than they would have otherwise and they helped me go a bit faster than I would have otherwise.  It was a win-win.  
Plans for May
  • Run for Zoo 10K this coming weekend
  • Figure out June races. I have two 10Ks on my watch list, but haven't signed up for either (yet).
  • Decide whether to do Live.Love.Tri in August or not.  Sign up if decide that it's a go.   (This particular item is now a done deal, I signed up last night.  Woot!)
  • More time on bike!
  • Continue to be smart about knee.


  1. Ok, I will go with your plans, more time on the bike, dont have to ask me twice

  2. I would say that is a pretty solid month! Keep at it girl, you'll get to where you need/want to be.

  3. So-planning a tri without swimming at all this month, haha?

    I like to swim, but am afraid to try a tri, so I'm not sure I get to poke fun at you...

    1. Good observation! Yeah, I'm truly not planning to swim until June. Mostly because I find it , but also because it's the shortest part of the race (10 minutes or so) and a good vs bad vs mediocre swim won't make or break my race. Probably not ideal training for the triathlon.

  4. Have fun at the 10k this weekend! You rocked through april, that's a lot of miles on the feet.

  5. Good April! I like all your numbers and workouts. I must say the garden and dogs give me some good workouts as well.

  6. Now that's balance :) I really like the very last plan! Have fun in your races

  7. Run for the Zoo sounds great and I love how you and your friends helped each other out.

  8. Looks like a solid month to me! Can't believe it's May and I have yet to get out on my bike. Sad.

  9. It seems to me like you had a pretty good month with lots of different kinds of activity. Your number of hill workouts is very impressive!