Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shoe Stuff

Kinvara 2
My all time favorite"go to" running shoe has been the Kinvara2.   Love, love, love them.  Have three pairs, but two of them *really* need to be retired.  Can't find the Kinvara2 very easily these days.  All sold out. Although I did find one more pair in my size on ebay...

Kinvara  3
Seems that they've moved on to the Kinvara3.  Quite frankly, I don't like the way the Kinvara3 look. But my real concern is that there have been multiple negative reviews complaining that the redesigned women's shoe is cut higher in the back and causing blisters/pain in the  ankles.  What to do, what to do, what to do?

Move Glide
Thanks to a post by Run Faster Mommy, I now know that Merrell is coming out with a new lightweight trail/mixed running shoe with a 4mm drop. Sweet!  The women's model is called  Mix Master Move Glide.  I really want to try these, as I adore my Merrell Pace Gloves (just not for running), but it seems I need to be a bit patient.  They don't seem to be in stock *anywhere* at the moment. But they are supposed to be coming very soon (days?)

Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get a pair for myself for Valentines Day.  :-)

[UPDATE:  I found my size/color choice for the Move Glide online at llbean and have them on their way. WooHoo!! Hoping they work out from a comfort perspective and the size is right.  If not, I can return/exchange.]


  1. The Brooks Pure Project line are all 4mm drop shoes as well

  2. My wife had a problem where the 2013 version of her shoe, which supposedly had only cosmetic changes gave her awful blisters. We were lucky enough that we could order her several pairs of the 2012 shoes from an online retailer to get her through this year. Good luck with the shoe hunt

  3. I'm having this issue with my New Balances that discontinued and then came back out with the same version. I'm about to cut a piece of the shoe off.

  4. Oh and you deserve to buy yourself a Valentine's Present. Love yourself!

  5. Oh I hope the new Kinvara's work for you. I think I'd die if Mizuno changed up my Creations. Love me some Merrell!

  6. Oh I hope the new Kinvara's work for you. I think I'd die if Mizuno changed up my Creations. Love me some Merrell!

  7. I love some new shoes. They smell awesome!
    I would love to try some of the "thinner" shoes (like barefoot running but not entirely barefoot ...)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog post. :)

  8. I hate when they discontinue a shoe, which I just fell in love with. when they come up with a new version, most of the time it is a very different shoe and you start from scratch. I hope the new shoe works out for you!!

  9. Finding new running shoes is so hard! I just found a pair of my Triumph 9s (on clearance :)). Hope the Merrell works out !