Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Met a running buddy and other friends for a 4 mile run only to realize that I wasn't wearing my running shoes.  Yes, you read that right.  How does that even happen?  Yeah, it's a long story.  Anyway, my running buddy agreed to follow me home and run from there rather than wait for me to do the round trip or cancel entirely. Run salvaged!

Friday, another friend & I met with a new runner who has been doing the couch-to-5K plan.  This was her first time to try running 25 mins straight somewhere other than a treadmill.  She didn't think she could do it, but she did great!  So exciting to watch the progression of a new runner.  Glad we could help her out.

Saturday, I had 6 miles on the schedule.  Met the group again (this time actually wearing my running shoes - go me!).  My running partner actually did it as a progressive, each mile slightly faster than the one before.  It was the first really good run that I've had for a long time.  Next week, we're aiming for seven.  Go us!

Before the ride, thinking I could do it. Hah!
I also attempted a 25 mile bike ride with my husband later afternoon.  However, the wind was fierce, and it was just too much for me.  I decided to bail 4 miles in.  So I turned around, cutting it short at 8.  Blah.  Then on Sunday, I attempted a 16 mile ride with hills.  Went much better than Saturday's ride, but again I ended up cutting it short.  This time because my left hamstring was bothering me, not the wind, and I did make it farther than the day before  (a 12.4 mile ride).

It probably goes without saying that I'm not feeling really good about my cycling progress (or lack thereof) right now.   Tomorrow's a new day though, right?

It strikes me that I have a sprint tri in about 2 months.  Maybe it's about time that I add some swimming in, ya' think?


  1. Swim, swim, swim! That is what I need to do. It is fun to watch and encourage new runners.

  2. That is so awesome to help your friend out on her first 25 minute run

  3. you could follow the "Dee Dee" training plan, which is not to train at all :-)

  4. Someone I know once showed up to a race in her slippers. I've heard the story so many times now that I never leave for a run/race without my running shoes ON MY FEET! Glad you were still able to get the run in!

  5. Your comment about showing up in non-running shoes made me smile! Glad running is going so well for you. HAng in there with the bike, it will follow soon :)

  6. Biking in the wind blows...literally and figuratively. Yay for new runners!

  7. haha. how does one put on shoes for running and then realize they're not the running shoes? :) too funny. hmm, i've never done a tri but yes i would say you may need to start getting some swims in.

  8. Yes swimming! I love it, just got home after 2100 meters in the pool.
    Glad you can run with a group, this is the best way to improve the speed and the mileage.