Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Miscellany

Thursday I had a good 4.0 mile run with a couple of friends.  But man, it was hot!  I really need to think about running in the morning during the week.

Friday morning I was scheduled to run with my friend, the new runner.  She hadn't had breakfast and just wasn't feeling it.  We ended up walking instead.  She tried again Saturday (after having breakfast) and had a good run.

I was also supposed to swim (yes, I said SWIM) with a friend of mine, but she cancelled.  I could have gone by myself, but I did not.  Another lost opportunity and nobody to blame but myself.  Instead, I came home and started the process of re-purposing my son's bedroom.  I want to remove the dresser and clean out half the closet so I can move my sewing stuff in there.  I put the clothes from the dresser into plastic bins for now.  Got the dresser cleaned out, but that's as far as I made it on that chore for now.  Oh, and I found a whole mess of pocket change in his drawers.  Too funny.

Saturday was a 7 mile run with friends.  It was AMAZING.  I felt good the whole time.  We started picking up the pace at mile 5.  And really kicked it up for the final quarter mile.  Gotta love runs like that!
Shady Rest Stop

Went on a "Father's Day Bike Adventure" with my husband on Sunday.  We went in the afternoon.  There wasn't much wind, but again it was HOT.  We ended up doing 30.3 miles which was about 5 miles past the point where I was ready to be done.  I really need to be more consistent with my riding and pick up some mid-week rides.

Thought about running again this morning, but decided that walking the dogs was a better idea.  I think my legs need rest.

I'm contemplating doing an evening 5K this coming Sunday, mostly for fun.  Weather report shows a high of 96 with partly cloudy skies.  Hmmmm.  To do or not to do, that is the question.

Happy Monday!


  1. Nice week! I despise the heat so much I'd be hard pressed to race a 5k in those temps.

  2. I'm jealous of your great 7 miler. I haven't run in a week, though I intend to change that this afternoon.

  3. Jealous of your run. I haven't really ran in the longest time. And believe or not, I actually miss running a 10-miler.

    I am trying to clean house and get rid of stuff. It's crazy. I dont know where to start. I am just staring at the home office and wonder what I am supposed to do.

  4. Get in the pool! You'll be so happy when you do. :)

    Is the race on Sunday early enough to not be too hot??

  5. Happy Monday to you too (actually Happy Thursday, I'm a bit slow this week :)

  6. Nice training, I have gone inside with my training due to all this heat

  7. A very good week. I think you don't have to skip swimming: it is a wonderful sport.