Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dec Totals


  • 30.0 miles walking
  • 4000 yds swimming
  • 1st of 3 injections for knee
  • 1 son home from college for break
  • 1 daughter on break from high school
  • 2 weeks off work
  • 3 movies seen in the theatre
  • 1 piano concert
  • 1 bedroom painted
  • 2 work-related Christmas dinners


  • I'm a wee bit envious of those of you who are starting the year off with a New Years Run.
  • Lost my motivation for swimming in the middle of the month and fell way short of my 8000 yd goal
  • Did okay with walking and hit my 30 mile goal.
  • Happy that the days are getting longer again.
  • Back to work on Monday.  Ugggh.


  • Injections #2 and #3
  • Trying a new supplement - Move Free Advanced Ultra
  • Patience, grasshopper, patience...
Happy New Year everyone!  May it bring health and happiness to you and yours!


  1. Happy New Year!!!! This must be so tough, hang in there!!

  2. It's hard to stay motivated during the holiday season. I am so glad that the days are getting longer again. Having to close the blinds and turn on the lights at 4pm or earlier just seems ridiculous.

    Happy New Year, Lisa!

  3. I hope the new year brings you less pain!

  4. hang in there Lisa, the injections helped last year let's hope they can work the same magic in 2012.

  5. Happy 2012! Let's all bond together to make it a good one.

  6. Happy New Year!

    I did a new year's eve run, but not new year's day... that was just too ambitious, and I don't think I got out of bed until the dog insisted that I was asleep too long...


  7. sounds like it's been a busy month! Hope you enjoyed having the kids home from school!