Monday, December 19, 2011

not running -> not blogging

Still not running.  In fact, I'm still waiting on the insurance authorization for my treatment.  I think I'll call later today and find out where that's at.

Without running, and with the weather too cold for my liking for cycling, I'm at a loss for interesting blog topics.  Hence, this is my first post in over a week.  I can't think of a topic that you'd find interesting, so I'll leave you with a few random thoughts.

  • One of my cats is over-weight.  In an effort to get her health back on track, I've switched both cats to canned cat food exclusively.  Rotating Natural Balance and Wellness brands at the moment.  I was also hoping to switch to an evening feeding to get my fat cat to stop jumping on my head in the morning when she wants to be fed.   Well, she still jumps on my head in the morning.  And now she begs for food at dinner time too.  *sigh*
  • Son came home Saturday for winter break.  He will be here for 4 weeks.  He's not coming home for spring break and he's trying to get an internship in CA for the summer.  I will enjoy the time with him while I can.
  • Daughter is on her third Christmas working in retail.  Her days off for winter break from school are filled with extra hours at work.  It's good for her bank account, but it doesn't seem like she's getting any real time off to de-stress from school.
  • Husband & I are on day one of our two week break from work.  Ahhhhhhh.
  • Yesterday I started taping in our bedroom to prep for painting.  Isn't that how everyone spends their time off from work?!  No? 
  • I made a conscious decision to really scale back Christmas consumerism this year. I've complained about it for years, but was still stuck in the trap.  Not this year.  The result?  Much less stress.   More time reflecting on the true meaning of the holiday.  Wish I had figured this out years ago.
  • It's snowing.  This is the third snowfall so far since November.  After an insanely dry spring/summer we certainly need the moisture.  I just wish it wasn't during the cold part of the year when the streets turn icy.  It also probably means that the inlaws are NOT coming down from Colorado this week.  Bummer.
  • I bought a new phone about 10 days ago.  Upgraded from the original Motorola Droid to an HTC Rhyme.  Love it.
  • I've started referring to our neighbors as Old McDonald.  Back in October, they build a shed and put up a little corral in the corner of their yard near our fence.  Then they bought chickens.  Including a rooster.  Uggg.  Then this week they brought home a burrows or donkeys or some such creatures.  I wonder what's next?
  •  I held off on making Christmas cookies until my son asked specifically requested them.  I'd be happy not making them at all because I end up eating my weight in cookies.  But how could I say no?


  1. - I remember having to work extra during winter break as a kid, not fun
    - enjoy the 2 week break from work

  2. Enjoy your two week break and having your son home. I miss the days when I could go home for a long time! My brother is home for almost 5 weeks this year but I'm only going home for 5 days :( Darn real world!! ;)

  3. cool u get some time with your son before his internship. and i totally feel for your daughter cause i worked in retail for 1 year as a manager and i felt like i never worked so hard in my life! i hope you get good news back and can run or at least cycle soon! also, you can mail those cookies to me if you don't want to eat them. Lol!

  4. Enjoy the nice long break from work! I have to get through a few more days still...

  5. i too have a very fat cat. no amount of dieting has helped! and oh the fits he throws if he isn't fed, maybe i should try canned food?

    hope you are back to running soon, i'm totally jealous of your snow though. yes, i'm nuts :)

  6. I wish you and your family a great Christmas, Lisa! Enjoy your holidays and stop worrying about running and riding until next year! :)

  7. Nice break from work! Do some relaxing amongst the painting.

  8. I am a few days from being off for 11 days and cannot wait.
    A rooster? Has it been irritating?

  9. Maybe the Neighbrs are making a nativity scene? Two week break! I am jealous... Everyone here agrees with me that we should be off for two weeks. I'm so not being productive. (obviously as I'm reading and commenting) ;)

  10. Just make sure you veto goats if the neighbors got them.
    No GOATS allowed.

  11. Enjoy those days off!

    One of my cats is overweight...BUT I think since we got the puppy that she is eating less b/c she is constantly hiding from the dog!

  12. I'm jealous of your time off! Send your son to my house. I baked 5 different kinds of cookies last weekend!

  13. doin a little runnin, not much blogging :-) if the neighbors bring home a mountain lion, let me know!