Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 8 & May Tally

Yesterday I met the running group for a 3.5 mile trail run. This morning I'm beat! After thinking about it, I realized that it was my 8th day in a row of some sort of exercise (run, bike, swim).

Side note, Husband & I *did* go out for a bike ride on Monday, but the weather didn't cooperate as well as I would have liked. We were out there in 25-35mph winds. Nice when the wind is at your back, not so nice when you are riding straight into a headwind.

Today, the plan is to cycle after work. Unless I figure out how to better double up, my triathlon training doesn't have any rest days. On the one hand, it sort of seems like switching up the sports gives certain muscles time to rest. On the other hand, my heart/lungs aren't getting a day off. So I'm not sure this training plan that I have devised is such a good idea.

If you are training for multi-sport events, how are you handling rest?


May Tally:
  • Walk: 8 mi
  • Run: 54.4 mi
  • Bike: 42.8 mi
  • Swim: 1800 yd


  1. My hubs is a duathlete but always has one rest's orders. In season he bikes Sun/Mond/Wed/Sat and runs Sun/Tues/Thurs and sometimes on Wed as part of a brick.

    ...I don't know how you guys do all of it....

  2. I hate head winds and love the tail winds. We now set up our rides to hit the head wind out and the tail wind back home

    As for training. I do 3 sessions per week for each discipline.

    My weeks look like
    Monday: bike and swim
    Tuesday Run
    Wednesday bike
    Thursday Run and Swim
    Friday: rest or make up missed training day
    saturday Long Bike
    Sunday Long run and swim

  3. Fantastic mileage in May, Lisa! I don't really have any suggestions, as I am lucky to squeeze in a couple of short yoga sessions and a lifting and x-training day with my running.

  4. Good question on the rest. I really don't have any planned rest days. However, I did take yesterday off cause I was just beat. I'm just going with the whole "listenening to your body" thing. Good job on getting out there but take the rest if your body says so. ;)

  5. I only run nowadays and that is one reason I'm glad I do. The multi sports can really be tough on the body and also time. You are doing great though!

  6. No idea what to suggest as far as rest days. I know I would need/want that day off mentally as much as physically. Hope you can figure something out!

  7. cycling in the wind is the worst :( great job on May!!

  8. I am only doing the biking and running but it is hard to fit it all in. Good luck.

  9. I always aimed for 2x each sport = 6 days. If I need(ed)to focus on a particular sport I would drop another one ie if I needed 3 runs/week I'd drop to 1 swim/week.
    Wind is horrid, you are a legend for going out in it!

  10. When I trained, Monday was the only day I took a rest.

  11. Before my weekends filled with reffing, I've been enjoying every other day off during the week!

  12. Rest is important, also to keep the mind fresh, so I hope you find the right balance. I have to admit I'd have no idea how to train for all three disciplines.

  13. Oh, something just came to mind: try and get your hands on a copy of Joe Friel's The Triathlete's Training Bible. I find his Cyclist's Training Bible most helpful and would expect his other books equally good.

  14. 8 days in a row! You are a machine. Congrats.