Sunday, May 1, 2011

Run for the Zoo - Good, Bad, Ugly

  • I decided on Thursday to run this 5K simply because my knee didn't hurt anymore on my test run. I knew it wouldn't be a fast race; I was just happy to be running. On the way to the venue, I told husband I wanted to come in under 32 minutes. That would be a good 4 minutes slower than my last 5K, but was probably a realistic goal given my lack of training over the past 2 months.
The Good
  • I started, I ran, I finished.
  • My Garmin says 31:53, so I hit my time goal (barely). [Edit: Official results have me at 31:49, 10:12 pace.]
  • Well organized race with lots of volunteers.
The Bad
  • It was cold and windy, of the low forties and 25mph variety.
  • It was a real struggle to hit my time goal; I have clearly lost a lot of fitness.
  • I didn't really have fun. I usually do. I blame this on the weather.
  • I wanted to finish strong, but I had no energy left at the end. I tend to judge all runs by how I feel at finish, so I have categorized this as a bad run in my mind.
The Ugly
  • Nada


  1. Don't worry you will be back very soon. Good news your knee is holding up and you were able to run 3 miles :)

  2. Forget the barely. You made your time goal on a windy day. Glad you could run.

  3. You know what? You are awesome for nailing your time goal on a windy day after weeks without running! I'm really glad that you're running without pain!

  4. oh well. The weather sounds frightful and you toughed it out!

  5. Sometimes Mother Nature is just mean. Nice job getting back out there again! This is just the beginning...

  6. I think one of your "good" bullet points should be that "there was no ugly" :) Congrats!

  7. I know what you mean about the lack of fitness, it sucks!

    I'm not even sure I could run a 5k right now.

  8. Congrats on the race and making your goal time!!

  9. The first race back after a layoff like that is always tough so I'd say you did great! Sure, you didn't have a lot left at the end but you beat your goal!

  10. Sounds like a pretty good day! Congrats on reaching your goal. I hope the knee feels good!

  11. Well congrats on not having Ugly!

    You will get back to where you were! No doubt.