Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Stuff

I was going to title this "Random Stuff that nobody probably cares about, but is what's on my mind so I'm blogging about it anyway" but that was too long. You've been forewarned.

  • I managed to run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as planned. Yay me! I should be running again right now, but none of my running partners could make it this morning so I'm on my own. This means I'll wait a little longer so that it can warm up a bit.
  • I planted my garden last weekend. Half by seed, half by plants. Something is getting in an has eaten (at last count) NINE of my chile plants. I am NOT happy about this. It's fenced in, so either the creature is getting in by the gate (most likely) or is climbing the fence (less likely). I didn't have this problem last year, so this has taken me by surprise. Not a pleasant surprise either.
  • As of last night, Son is home for the summer. As of today, he is should be looking for a summer job. Fingers crossed.
  • Daughter is just finishing up her junior year of HS. Almost a senior and thinking about college. Times sure flies.
  • The car that Daughter primarily drives is in need of $$ of repairs. If it were in excellent condition, it would be worth $. Car will be sold rather than repaired. Which means we are down one vehicle. Also means the kids are now sharing one 19yr old vehicle which happens to have issues and might not make it through the summer. So.... I've spent the last week looking at used cars. In case you are wondering, car shopping is definitely more fun when you actually WANT to buy a car, not when you NEED to.
  • The desk in our computer room collapsed while we were moving it back after I painted that room. First off, it was really scary when it happened because everything started falling off toward me and all I could hear was the sound of crashing, smashing, breaking. So just when I thought the room was about to be back together and in use, we need to find a new workstation. Oh well.
  • I've yet to get back on my bike or into the pool. I've thought about it, I just haven't done it. Baby steps. I'm trying to get back in the habit of running first, then I'll add the others. At least that's the plan.


  1. Yay you for running three days during the week. :)

    I totally agree with you on the car shopping. You know what makes it more fun? When you have the money to buy whatever car you want!
    I didn't have the luxury of that. My 1997 Saturn kicked the bucket at about 198,000 miles. I had to drive my boyfriend's aunt older Honda for a few months while I shopped for another used vehicle.
    I'm happy with what I have now. :)
    So, good luck on car shopping. I think shopping in a bigger city helps a lot with the prices too.

  2. Good job of getting back to running so consistently! I hope you can find a car that will meet your family's needs on the cheap!

  3. I hope you can stop the chili-plant-thief!

    Well done on your runs.

  4. Well done with the running! Keep it going! I was busy in the garden today, but we are moving into winter. Our last flowers are hanging in there but not for long. I hope you catch the chile plant eater!

  5. Around here when plants start disappearing like that we're talking gophers. And I feel for the car situation. We just went through it ourselves. Car worth x, repairs more than x. We had the dealer take it in trade for a new car.

  6. Baby steps for sure, after all, its not like you don't have anything else going on in your life....

    When real life is busy, biking and the pool just have to wait...

    Hope you catch that wascally wabbit (if that is what it is)....

  7. Sorry about the garden invaders! So frustrating! I'm all planted here too and thrilled because now the weather sucks.

  8. We've been in that same situation with cars, twice. It works out OK at first, but never lasts long with different school and/or work schedules.

    I'm so far behind on my garden, but we've had more issues with gophers burrowing and tunneling our lawn!!! I hope you figure out who is eating up your seedlings!