Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mid-week training update

I missed my optional run on Monday because I was busy buying a used car after work. Boy, that process seemed to take forever! Anyway, ended up getting a 2008 Honda Fit with about 40K miles on it in excellent condition with a certified pre-owned warranty. It's tiny, but has impressive cargo space. It's cute. It has good fuel economy. It's perfect for our needs. I'm very happy that the car search is over.

Tuesday afternoon the wind was just awful again, 30 mile per hour sustained winds with gust of who-knows-what. Coach sent an email that his allergies were terrible and he couldn't make it. Usually when that happens, most of the group doesn't show up. I texted that lady that I've been running with and asked "Are you up for running in the wind? I will if you do" and she responded "See u there." There were only two others that showed up. I feel pretty hard core about getting out there and getting my run done in that wind.

Today I have the choice of a run or cross-training. If it is super windy again, I will run. However, if the wind isn't too bad, I will cycle.


  1. That's great news about the car! I'm glad the search is over. Good on ya for getting out there and running in the wind!

  2. I can't even remember the last time I ran without crazy winds. So over it!!! Although, at least it will provide a cooling effect now that it is warming up!

    Congrats on the new car - I like the Fit!

  3. Congrats on the new wheels!
    Good for you for braving those ridiculous winds. Makes running a whole different sport.

  4. the winds have been terrible! I chose the Scion xD over the Fit... but I liked it :-)

  5. You are super hard core!

    The new car sounds really cute!

  6. We have the no frills Honda Fit (no power anything, other that windows) but it does get great gas milage! I'm amazed every time I fill it up!

  7. Congrats for the new car!
    It's hard to run with the wind but it's harder to bike.
    This is a windy city too.