Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Goals and such

One of my stated goals for the month is to hit 100+ miles by feet (run+walk). We are now smack dab in the middle of the month. So how am I doing?

drum roll please...

56.2 miles by feet (25.5 running, 30.7 mi walking).

Thank you, knee!! I'm on track!!

I also put a few tentative races on my sidebar earlier in the month, all 5K or 10K options. I've decided that I'm not going to do anything at Chips&Salsa so I will be taking that off my list

Which brings me to an interesting exchange that I had with someone yesterday.

I was walking the dogs up the hill and came across a man who was doing hill repeats. I have walked this route 12 times already this month. Occasionally I see people running or walking up that hill, but I have never seen anyone doing hill repeats there before. So it really caught my attention.

On my way down, I happened to be walking by while he was catching his breath and taking a swig of water. Seemed awkward to pass by without saying anything, so I asked "What are you training for?"

He said "Just for fun."

Huh? Nobody does hill repeats for fun, do they? If you are doing hill repeats, I'm guessing you must be training for something. But whatever. I just kept on walking and left it at that.

After walking another half mile or so, I saw him again. He came running past me he said "Actually, there's a race here in a few weeks"

"Oh yeah, the Corrida de Corrales. I'm thinking about running that too," I responded.

Phew. Well at least I'm not crazy. He *is* training for something. And I am keeping that one on my sidebar for now. But I won't be doing hill repeats for it. LOL.


  1. Yeah, who does hill repeats for fun??? Too funny.

    RE: your last blog post -- By the way, it takes me a ton of tries to get a self portrait. You are not alone! Glad to hear the pups are getting along so well, too.

  2. You've racked up some great mileage this month so far!

    Hill repeats definitely don't fall under the 'just for fun' category. Good thing he cleared that up!

  3. Keep up the good work with the mileage!

  4. Keep up the good work with the mileage!

  5. Great job on the mileage! I must say, I do love hills...dong repeats while not in training, though? That is a bit of a stretch--even for a hill-lover like myself!

  6. I was thinking the same at first when I read that he was doing it just for fun! geez! I don't even really do hill repeats when I AM training for something! hehe

  7. Great job! You are right on schedule to hit 100 miles.

    I'm glad to hear that the knee is doing better.

  8. Awesome glad to hear things are on track!
    Hill repeats and not compute.

  9. Great mileage!

    So you mean I don't do hill repeats for fun! oops

  10. hill repeats for fun? that's crazy talk.

    Glad to hear you're right on track to meet your monthly goal.

  11. No one runs hill repeats for fun. When I want a fun run, I just put on my shoes and go as far as my feet will take me. Not up and down over the same hill over and over.

  12. I don't even do hill repeats in training...

  13. Ew on hills for fun.

    Congrats on the middle of the month goal!

  14. You are logging some miles this month. Good job!

    And yes, who does hill repeats for fun? Maybe intervals. But hill repeats, no.

  15. I used to not train for anything, but I was young then. I need motivation now.

    My coach makes me do hill repeats once a week. ugh.

    glad your knee is doing well!

  16. Hahaha, that's funny, Lisa. My first thought was also: No way! I have just been thinking the last few days how different riding is for me at the moment since I'm not training for anything. Take for example a little hit out on the mountain bike this morning: "Wanna go up that trail over there?" "Nah, looks way too steep." LOL