Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Tally & Return to Pool

July by the Numbers
  • Miles by Feet - 74.5
  • Trips up the hill - 20
  • Yards Swam - 2750 (see below)
  • Ab workouts - 4 (more on that later in a separate post)
  • Injections received - 3
  • Rest Days - 5
  • Seventy-four point five miles walked, including twenty trips up and down the same hill. I'm either crazy or stubborn (or both!)
  • I don't recommend swimming for anyone trying to lose weight. Swimming makes me hungry. Crazy hungry. I'll-eat-anything-I-can-find hungry.
  • My idea of returning to normal activity and the orthopedic's idea of the same are two different things. When he said I could return to normal activity next week, he did not mean running. I'm not cleared to start running (or do any other strenuous activities involving my knee) until the 15th of Aug. Even then I need to start out short and easy until mid-September. There's no rushing the healing process. Sigh.
Plans for August
  • Keep swimming.
  • Keep walking.
  • Send Son off to College
The Return to the Pool

I had been thinking about swimming all week. Then the orthopedic guy burst my bubble by telling me that I couldn't start running again next week after all. That's the nudge I needed to bite the bullet, re-join the gym, and get back to the pool.

I intended to swim 1600 Friday afternoon, but quickly learned that one loses significant swim fitness from taking a year off. My 200 yd "warm-up" wiped me out. Who knew?!? I made it to 1000 before calling it a day.

Not one to be so easily defeated, I returned to the pool Saturday morning. I asked a guy who was clearly counting laps if I could share his lane.

"I'm swimming a mile, " he said smugly.

"Me too," I quickly retorted.

And just like that, I had committed myself to go 1750 (yes, I know there's technically 1760 yds in a mile but 1750 is close enough for me). And so that's what I did. Booyah!


  1. Booyah indeed! I have so much admiration for you and the way you've made lemonade out of your lemons. WTG!

  2. BOOYAH!

    I think you are neither crazy nor stubborn, just determined. :)
    You have quite some numbers for July despite not running. It is easy to feel discouraged and not do anything, but you chose to stay active. Good job!

  3. Booyah to you! But what planet is the orthopaedic guy from where 'normal activity' isn't running? Sheesh. Enjoy the swimming though :)

  4. "Your mile is my warm-up". Say that next time! LOLOL Good job girl. ;)

  5. Way to get back in the pool! I've found that swimming is a great way to cross train for running. All the exercise and muscle use without the pounding on the knees.

    It is interesting what you mentioned about being hungry after a swim. I'm the same way. And despite some studies (, I've found it is a great way to lose weight and keep the weight off as long as I don't pig out after every swim.

  6. I've been so bad about checking blogs over the past couple of weeks, but I think it's because everyone is home at the moment, which leaves little time for important blog reading! You've certainly been through a lot this summer, plus strep throat! Yikes. I hope you are on the upswing!

    Your Worldless Wednesday picture is great! The garden is beautiful!

  7. I eat miles for breakfast!!!!

    Say that next time!!!!! Boo-YAH!!!

  8. Yeah! Way to get that mile! Woot!

    Nice July.

  9. I'm either crazy or stubborn (or both!)

    I vote both :-) Swimming does make you hungry, but like all things, the hunger must be controlled. You can do it!

  10. Way to hit the pool again! And, that's a LOT of walkin' miles! Great job remaining active while injured.

  11. DANNNNG a mile in the pool after a year off! Way to go!!!

  12. Wow, nice job on the swimming! (And seriously awesome walking numbers for July!!)

    We swam a lot over the weekend - okay, it was more like splashing around in the water, and even THAT made me starving!

  13. That is a lot of walking!! go girl. Have you ever done pool running? I have heard that is a good way of coming back after injury too.

    I love how you put that guy in his place at the pool. Way to go! I'm impressed with all the swimming. I really need to add that to my workouts. Swimming just intimidates me a bit.

    Good luck easing your way back into running.