Thursday, October 2, 2008

Organized Chaos

My life amounts to nothing short of organized chaos. It's amazing that I can get any traction on my workouts. Here's an example of what I'm up against:

Today (a work day):
* morning gym work
* Mammogram at noon
* Dr appt at 4pm
* make dinner to feed family before leaving for run group
* Run group 6:30
* make up lost work time in evening

* 8-9 mile long run morning
* 4pm dermotology appt across town
* fight traffic coming back
* 6:45pm band pregame performance
* dinner with husband (ahhhh)

* take down daughters existing bed
* morning "recycle everything" event
* early afternoon Band competition
* Daughter to Homecoming (at another school)
* Son's debut at evening comedy performance

* church practices going portable
* kids to church youth group

Monday (work day):
* gym or swim in morning
* Work from home afternoon for furniture delivery (new bed)
* feed family before leaving to run
* make up missed track workout in evening

Tuesday (work day):
* gym in early morning
* ortho appt (knee) FINALLY
* feed family
* run with group in evening
* make up lost work time in late evening

Wed (work day):
* run early morning
* morning appt at hospital cardiology for 24 hr Holter monitor (no showering for 24hrs)
* work late

I'm exhausted just thinking about it! I still need to get my car in for service and arrange with the contractors to do the tile installation. No wonder I feel pressed for time!


  1. Ouch! That is crazy. I know where you are coming from. Our three boys and all of our activities certainly keep us hopping. When someone gets sick, it really gets out of control in a hurry. At least you are getting your running in.

  2. OMG... you are busy!

    Glad to hear you got your boobs smashed today! Good for you! :)

  3. That's a lot of Drs. appointments. You should consider your schedule a form of cross training :)

  4. Oh my.... and not just stuff to do, but stuff to worry about. Wishing you only good news from all those tests!

  5. Phew. Bring some Gu and extra water along to get you through that week.

  6. Yikes! You are one busy busy woman! Good luck with the mammo!

  7. I hear you. I thought things would get easier once the kids got back to school but, nope, much much busier. At least you have a plan. I don't know what I'm doing from one hour to the next.

  8. Seriously, when did life get so crazy!?!?!? :) I think we need to order those "organized chaos" notebooks!

    Hope everything runs smoothly the next week or so!

  9. Maybe you should add "breathe" to your list so you remember! :)

    Hang in there and hold on to your hat - the chaos bound to be over before you know it. Enjoy those workouts in the midst of all the other to-dos.

  10. Sounds similar to my schedule with all the kids events.

  11. Lisa,

    I noticed you had an appt on tues for the knee...i hope that is taken care of.

  12. Oh my gosh, I think you just wrote my schedule! It's crazy how much you can cram into a week!! I hope it all goes well for you!! I just had my mammo (and a call back-grrr) a few months back!

  13. My goodness, i am exhausted just reading what your week will be like!! Not having kids makes life a lot less hectic, but hectic in other ways i suppose!!

  14. Crazy.. Do they make calendars with enough room to write down all that?! Take it easy my friend.