Monday, October 20, 2008

Duke City - Longer Version


I was excited when we got up Sunday morning. I’ve been very conservative with my training since the return to running hoping to preserve my knee. Until treatment is completed successfully, it isn’t a matter of *if* my knee will start hurting again, but *when*. My last few training runs were pain free. How many more miles would it be before the pain returned? That was the big unknown.

It was chilly when we arrived at the convention center, so we stayed inside as long as possible. Husband made a comment about how the race was going to suck; he’s never been a big fan of half marathons. When it was time to start, we ventured outside and soon we were on our way.

Miles 1-5

It was crowded at the start, but it started to thin out a bit by 1.5 miles. I found a pace that seemed maintainable and started picking people off in the crowd one by one. I felt invincible. The first time I looked at my Garmin was at 4 miles – 40:26 – holy smokes! I was well under my target pace of 10:30min/mi and feeling good. I was all smiles. This is the run I had trained for, and it was playing out better than I had imagined.

Miles 6-7

Shortly after mile 5, my smile was gone. Husband turned to me and asked “Are you okay?” No. I was not okay. Out of nowhere, my Stupid knee started hurting. How bad would it get? How fast would it go downhill? I slowed down a bit and started running on the dirt along the side of the bike path thinking that might help.

They had cameras at the turn around. I took another glance at my watch at the halfway point and smiled for the cameras because I had gone 6.55 miles in 1:07: 38. I'm very pleased with the 1st half of my race. I believed that I had it in me to PR if the knee didn’t get much worse.

Miles 8-11

Okay, so much for a PR, my knee was hurting a lot and I was going to have to deal with it. I started taking walk breaks and watched people that I had picked off earlier pass me back. Bleck!
The marathoners had started 45 mins ahead of the half, and it was during this stretch that we watched the lead marathon runners zooming by. I was hoping Coach would be the first one that I saw, but instead we saw some bushy haired barefoot guy. Coach was several minutes behind him. Then another barefoot guy; this one wearing a skirt!! What is up with that?!?!?

I told husband he could go on ahead. He said he was in no hurry and stayed with me. One of the Turtle Club members caught up with us. We ran together for a while. She was on track for a huge PR and quite pleased with her race. She rocked it, too.

Miles 12-13.1

My knee was ticked off and so was I. Walking hurt. I said something to Husband like "This definately isn't the finish I was hoping for" He then reminded me that he had predicted the race would suck; that made me laugh.

When we were rounded the last corner to the finish, Coach saw us and shouted for me to finish strong, so I gave it my best shot. I crossed the finish line with a scowl shouting something like “Freaking Knee!” Ummm, yeah, that probably didn’t make for a good finish photo.


I hobbled over to two running group members who had both had awesome races and were in good spirits. I should have a photo from that soon. Husband looked for food and was hoping to find massage tables.

Not-So-Happy Thoughts

* My main goal to finish without knee pain did not happen.
* It's frustrating that I’m back to limping when I walk.
* I’m probably done with running for the rest of the month.
* Those last two miles really sucked.

Happy Thoughts

* Husband ran with me even though he doesn’t like half-marathons. We crossed the finish line together. Husband rocks.
* My race got off to a great start. I had an amazing run for the 5 miles that my knee felt good.
* I achieved two of my three time goals despite a mediocre middle and a cruddy finish.
* I made new running friends through my running group...with turtles on the shirts!
* Other than my knee, I feel good.


  1. Your husbands comment made me laugh too - at least he managed to keep some humour for the both of you. He DOES rock. Take care of the knee!

  2. That's sweet of him to run with you. It's nice to have a racing companion. Hope your knee feels better!

  3. I hope the knee gets better for you soon. You have the right attitude and I admire that you are trying to stay positive. Sending you knee healing vibes!

  4. That's so cool that your husband ran with you. I hope the knee is all better soon and you can run pain free. WTG on finishing so well even with the pain!

    MCM Mama

  5. That's amazing that you made 2/3 of your time goals with an angry knee! Congrats on that! And sorry your knee is being lousy. Have you read about pose running or any of that stuff about proper running posture? I just discovered it (want to write some posts about it) and it seems to be helping me with an angry ankle.

    Barefoot bushy men in skirts at the front of the pack makes me smile...a whole lot!

  6. Sorry about your knee, I know how frustrating that injury can be.

    What a sweet hubby you have. His comment would have made me laugh too. I love your optimism of your happy thoughts.

  7. Well, I think it's wonderful that you listed more positives than negatives from this race. Please be patient with your knee and the treatment. My husband also has PFS and some severe complications as a result of not taking any time off.

  8. Sorry to hear the knee didn't hold out for you, but glad to hear you had your husband by your side. Rest and let that knee recover.

  9. Wow that's a nice blog template. HOw did you do that?

    As for the knee...blah. I hope you ice it and it feels better.

  10. Major 'Good Hubby' points were earned on Sunday!

    I am sorry about your knee. I think you are right it is time to get physical therapy for that knee.

    Here's to a speedy recovery!

  11. You and the hubs are too cute!

    I'm sorry about all the knee pain. That really really stinks BUT you did a killer job up until the knee started acting up soooo rest, heal, and you'll be kickin some serious butt come next HM!!

  12. Well, it sucks about the knee, but you finished, and that counts for a lot!

  13. Husband is a keeper :-)

    Good luck, Lisa. Physical therapy will be good - I hope it helps it fast. You had a great pace going out there!!

  14. What downer on the knee! But you still managed to carry away some positives :-) Awesome!!

  15. Your husband and your attitude both rock! So sorry for your knee pain. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. But yay you for enjoying the parts you could, for achieving two of your three goals, and for finishing in spite of the pain. Heal quickly!

  16. Ugh I'm so sorry to hear that your knee acted up. It's such a frustrating stupid injury to have!

  17. Good job on the hubs/wifey teamwork to get through a tough race. That took guts to finish like you did. Now its time to rest and heal that knee.

  18. Husband does rock.
    So sorry to hear that Stupid Knee is at it again :(
    I'm always very impressed that youfind more positives than negatives in every situation, well done!
    ((hugs)) and get well soon vibes to Stupid Knee

  19. Sorry about the knee. I am glad you got to enjoy it with your husband though! :>)

  20. I am sorry that the knee troubled you again. I hope it heals well. At least the husband kept it real :) Rest well and recover strong.

  21. Seemed you had more Happy thoughts than not, so a good day in my book..

    Rest up, try pool runnning, keep kinda of active. Even walking will help you recover.

    Hope it gets better soon. Congrats on finishing.

  22. YES, girlie you done good!!

    Now take care of that knee of yours!!!!

  23. Congratulations and hurrah for finishing .. together!!

    Best wishes for healing.. and finding satisfying cross-training.

  24. Great race report and your hubbie rocks. Sucks about your knee---take it easy, k?

  25. Lucky you to have such a loyal husband! And good for you on the first part of your race! I agree you probably would have had a huge PR if your knee hadn't acted up. With luck, it will clear up soon.

  26. So sorry the knee did not hold out for you. I can see from the most current posts you are in rehab. Hope the PT begins to help.

    great race report!