Saturday, February 9, 2008

My 9 on the 9th

If you came here looking for a 9 on the 9th race report, sorry to disappoint. I suppose it could happen tomorrow, but that is unlikely. I do however, have something else planned for tomorrow that is running related, so please come back to read about it:)

Scooter progress (a list in honor of 9 on the 9th):

  • full face helmet
  • bungee net
  • grip lock
  • motorcycle permit
  • battery tender
  • scooter jacket
  • winter riding gloves
  • summer riding goves
  • 07 Orange Sunset Buddy, 125 cc

Yes, my friends, the scoot has landed. Here it is sleeping in my garage. Oh.My.Gosh. Isn't it the cutest thing? It needs a name, I'm taking suggestions. :)

I actually haven't ridden it solo yet, but I have been reading the owners manual and practicing important things such as turning it on and off, getting it on and off the center stand, getting the seat opened and latched closed, locking the steering column, attaching my gym bag to the back rack using the bungee net, getting the helmet on/off my head, using the turn signals (you have to hit a button to make them stop), using the horn, using the kill switch, etc. Vroom, vroom! I'm getting ready to go!

Oh, and in one simple day of scooter ownership, I have been demoted from "Hot Rod Scooter Mamma" to "Scooter Geek". *LOL*

To Do list (please note, I made a point of listed yet *another* 9 for the 9th):

  • lots o' riding practice!
  • something to haul the scoot to/from the dealer/MSF class etc
  • call insurance agent (t-13 days and counting)
  • get permanent plate (t-29 days and counting)
  • driving skills test, preferably via MSF class in a month
  • summer jacket/spring gloves
  • better solution for hauling my gear (gym bag, laptop case) to/from the office
  • extra riding stuff for a passenger (at some point...after I'm comfy riding it myself first)
  • some way to haul it using my SUV


  1. YAY!!! That baby is pretty sweet! Love the color too!

  2. For a name I was thinking "Orange Crush". I will keep thinking on it. :>P I love it! Looks so cute and fun!

  3. LOVE the scooter! Also like the name "Orange Crush" as well.

  4. Awesome!! LOVE the scooter!

    Don't stress too hard about learning to ride it - I was riding my first motorcycle when I was 6. It's just like a bike, only waay easier on the quads : D

  5. Found it! An ORANGE SCOOTER.... YEAH! That is FAB looking!