Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After Christmas Ramblings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We've been playing a lot of Mah Jong as a family, which is a tradition at our house for this time of year. But I would have to say that my most cherished Christmas memory from this year would have to be when my 13yr old daughter said grace before the Christmas meal. It was a beautiful, heartfelt blessing that almost brought a tear to my eye. Even though the teen years can be 'trying', I am really enjoying watching my kids develop into the distinct individuals that they are becoming.

Santa brought me a Garmin 205; I can already tell that I am going to have fun with this new gadget. If anyone can suggest some training analysis software that is better than what it comes with, please let me know.

I started feeling motivated to get moving again after being mostly lazy last week. I ran 4.8 miles on Christmas afternoon with my husband while the turkey was cooking. Yesterday I did some core and strength work in the morning and went on a 12.4 mile bike ride in the afternoon. This morning I was in the pool at 6am for 1750.

Plans through Friday: Repeating the 4.8 mile loop later this afternoon (and compare to Christmas day run...*drool*). Spinervals and more core/strength work on Thursday. 2250 swim and 6mi run Friday.

Oh, and apparently I have created a substance potentially harder than diamonds which is now stuck to the bottom of our 5qt stock pot. Cool, huh?


  1. Check out Sporttracks for Garmin software...I like it alot and it's FREE!

    Glad you had a Merry Christmas... :)

  2. Congrats on the Garmin!

    Children are a bit like Tri Training... We live for the "moments" when they are absolute angles and tug at our heart strings. :D

    Have fun in the 10K. I did my 1st 10k run last year - sure, it was painful, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Drink two cups of coffee an hour or so before you run - caffine has been shown to be a effective (and legal) performance enhancer!

  3. Impressive holiday workouts!!!!
    Happy New Year! Don't you just love your kids? I swear I can't remember my life before they came along... so awesome you enjoyed a special moment on Christmas. ;-)

  4. Cool x-mas toy, I think the garmins are pretty good. You can map routes on google earth.

    Mah Jong, I grew up with that, thou my parents played for money with their club of friends all night long.

    Happy holidays.