Friday, May 9, 2014

Foot and Mouth

So actually, these are two separate issues and I didn't actually stick my foot in my mouth even figuratively, although I do find this image amusing.

Foot:  Still sore.  I was told to go back in if it was still sore after a week. It is and I did.  Apparently has developed "quite a hematoma," or so says the urgent care doc who saw me today.  Did not get another x-ray. He said that if the x-ray shows a micro-fracture, it means 3 more weeks in the shoe/boot.  If it doesn't, just wear the shoe until it stops hurting, which still is likely to be 3 more weeks.  He didn't think it was all that critical to know if it was a fracture or not since the treatment is essentially the same.  He did, however, suggest that I see a podiatrist mostly because I'm a runner and he thinks custom orthotics might be necessary in the long term. So I left with a referral to podiatry and the shoe/boot still on my foot.

Scheduling with podiatry ended up being way more difficult than it should have been. For whatever reason, they have zero flexibility if you say that you can only come in during the afternoon.  It's first thing in the morning on the next available day, or they look at some other day. What.the.heck?!?!.  So, I have an appt for first thing in the morning on Tuesday the 20th, because that was the first morning that was both open and worked for me.  I guess it's a good thing it's not urgent since he was only sending me for a long term solution (orthotic) vs. healing/treatment of whatever is going on right now.  Good golly.

Mouth:  So as it turns out I will in fact be having another round of oral surgery. This time a bone graft to try to rebuild a small section in my jawbone. It's scheduled for the 22nd (just two days after the podiatry appt.  lucky me). I'm none too pleased about the prospects of another surgery, but after having two separate consultation appts, I do think it's the right thing to do in the long run, so surgery it is. If I have this all figured out correctly, I have a total of 5 more appointments until this whole ordeal is fully behind me. That's assuming everything goes as planned with this next surgery and the pontic adjustment afterwards.  I am *really* hoping that this one goes better than the last, there are no complications, and recovery goes smoothly.  I'm ready for this to all be over!!


  1. Oh goodness I want this all to be over for you. Geez what an inflexible Podiatrist. Hoping to hear better news soon.

  2. EEKS! Double whammy :( Annoying about the Pod-doc though.

  3. I hope things start improving soon.

  4. You seem to be the queen of the injury-ish stuff lately....

  5. Oh no! That's a lot for one person to take! Hopefully this can all be put behind you soon though!