Friday, March 7, 2014

Feb Summary


  • 0 outside cycling
  • 30min bike trainer
  • 37.1 running
  • 21.2 fitness walking
  • 1 memorial service for Mom
  • 1 race decision made
  • 1 oral surgery scheduled
  • 1 vacation planned
  • 1 new Grandneice born!
  • 1 more birthday survived
  • 2 pedometers replaced!  I'm on #3!
  • 4 tix purchased for an outdoor concert in late May
  • Several assignments completed for class
  • 0 races completed
  • February never shapes up the way I completely want it to, but I'm happy enough that I'm getting outside running fairly regularly again now.
  • Register for Run for Zoo half marathon now that it's officially the spring half that I'm targeting.
  • Keep up with school!
  • Enjoy upcoming 25th wedding anniversary and vacation.
  • Keep training for half marathon. 
  • Commit to doing yoga at least once a week during the month.
  • Try not to stress too much about oral surgery/dental work.


  1. What a huge month you've had - and it's the shortest of the year.

  2. Do you have plans for your 25th? Congratulations!

  3. Wishing you a happy upcoming 25th wedding anniversary!

  4. Congrats on your grand niece!!!

  5. Congratulations on a new baby grandniece! Good luck on the oral Sx.

  6. A month filled with highs and lows for sure. Here's to a swift and pain free oral surgery.