Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mixing it up and July Tally

Mixing it up:

I tend to get in a rut, doing the same routes all the time. This week I made an effort to mix things up a few times.

Tuesday evening I went to the track. I'm not a fan of the track, but I thought it was the safest place to test out my back to see if I was okay to run. It wasn't very crowded, so I did 800s in the far outside lane, alternating directions each time.

Thursday evening I ran on a familiar path, but alternated between hard efforts and easy efforts in varying interval lengths. This little bit of speed play kept things interesting. Where you see two fast or two slow side by side, it's because I hit the on/off button instead of the lap button by accident, so I'm missing whatever was suppose to be in between there. Oops.

Friday afternoon, I went out for a 15 mile bike ride. Usually I either choose a mostly flat route or a mostly hilly route. This time I mixed things up a bit and did 10 miles on mostly flat before hitting a hilly section.

July Tally:
  • 88.1 Miles by Feet (walked 42.2, ran 45.9)
  • 89.9 miles by Seat
  • 3400 yds in the water
  • 15 Workouts included hills
  • 1 5K race (with a PR!)
  • 1 400 swim time trial PB
  • 10 days modified training plan due to back issues
  • All-in-all an okay month. I lost a lot of time on the bike due to the back issue, but I think I'll be okay for the upcoming Sprint Tris assuming my back and my knee both cooperate over the next several weeks and I'm able to get back on track with my planned cycling.


  1. FYI - Sunday is planned rest, so I'm able to do the tally today.

  2. Good job mixing it up and good luck in the tris. I find only flat is boring!

  3. Fingers crossed that your back continues to get better and that your knee doesn't bother you in the last weeks of your training! I am inspired by your 15 hill workouts!

  4. Glad to read that your back is getting better. The forced rest must have given you very fresh legs... do I see two PBs in your July Tally? Well done and fingers crossed you'll have a stellar August!

  5. You had a fantastic month! Way to go!!!! :0)

  6. Mixing is a good solution to enjoy more the workouts.
    A very good july with a PR!
    All the best for a better august.
    Have a good sunday.

  7. Great month! Congrats on your PR!

  8. Did changing direction on the track help? (Hope so.)

    Congrats on your month! Nicely done.

  9. Good month, especially with the back issue! I try to shake things up but I so often end up running the same route a lot. I need to get better about that.

  10. That's a pretty good month, though! Nice job mixing it up. ;)

  11. that's a pretty great month. i am bad about switching up routes too, i like the familiar because it feels easy, i know what's coming!