Friday, July 8, 2011

Hill Sprints

Yesterday was another double day. Cycled 10 miles with two hills in the morning. Then we did hill sprints with the run group in the evening. I did a double day on Tuesday as well, cycling the same route in the morning, then doing a 4 mile easy run in the evening.

Anyway, lets talk about hill sprints. The format was warm up, 10x20sec up the hill FAST, mostly walking back down, then cool down. I need to figure out a better way to capture my data. I probably should use the lap button so that I can see the pace each time up the hill, but I didn't. Instead, I do have a graph of pace by distance.

You can see the warm up ahead of the sprints, then the each sprint up the hill, and the walk back down and the cool down at the end. You can also see that I tried to pick up my pace at the end of the cool down (much to Coach's dismay) so that I had the feeling of finishing strong.

I have to admit, hill sprints are one of my FAVORITE running workouts. Somehow, even though I am way back of the pack when running on flat surfaces with the group, I am solidly middle of the pack on hills. Not sure why that is. Maybe it is more a measure of strength than speed? Sporttracks summarized my run with the following stats:
  • Walking: 23:04min/mi for 0.46 mi
  • Jogging: 11:00 min/mi for 1.54 mi
  • Running: 7:62 min/mi for 0.79 mi
I was clearly pushing it up the hills and my legs are reminding of that this morning. A recovery walk is on the agenda. And if I make time, I think I'll go for a swim as well.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. GASP!! I like the hills while "running" as well, I hate them on the bike, love them on my 2 feet, I know I am weird and totally doesnt make since for me

  2. I enjoy doing hill workouts as well!! You just feel SO GOOD when you reach the top of the hill. I love that feeling!

  3. I'm going anaerobic just looking at this. I think you must have mountain goat in your genes. WTG!

  4. Way to tackle those hills - that must make you feel great! Embrace your strength!!

  5. They are brutal but I like hill sprints as well. (I don't love yet...)
    Awesome jobs on the doubles!!

  6. That chart looks like red necks teeth! Good job.

  7. That's because HILLS are your friend.... I always try to push it on the inclines too. It is a different set of muscles that you're using.....

  8. One day I am sure I will like hill workouts too....

  9. I need to have your attitude toward hillwork. Really it's only been a year since any real hills have come into my life, but I still find them tougher than I would like to.