Monday, November 2, 2009

October Tally & Push Ups


* 59.3 miles by foot
* 10 strength/stretching sessions
* 1 race, Duke City half Marathon, PB for that course

* Lost well over a week due to back spasms/pain. Blah.
* I'm convinced that I need to train on pavement or switch to trail races.

* Renewed focus on full body strength, including another round of the 100 push ups plan.
* Develop a 'maintenance' plan to get me through the next few months. I'm lost without a plan.


Round Three
* The first time I did this plan, I did 'real' pushups, but only made it to week 3.
* The second time I followed the plan, I did 'alternative' pushups and made it into week 5. This set me up nicely for the Dash-Spash-Push event (which permitted alternative pushups for women).
* This is my third attempt and I'm going with 'real' pushups again even if I don't make it as far in the program. It's just a much better exercise overall. Day 1 complete...
* Who's in with me?!? Any takers?


  1. Looks like a good month, with the exception of your back. Nice work on all the strength sessions! I am just getting back into it myself.

    Good luck with the push-ups!

  2. They say third time is a charm, good luck!!

  3. That sounds like a good plan! I will do it too :-)

  4. OK what is the push up plan?? Do I have to do 100 push-ups a day? I know I need to increase my arm strength but not sure I can commit to that.. Let me know..

  5. I'm IN!

    I've had the same start-stop issue with the plan doing real push-ups but by-gone-it I will get it done!

  6. You have a good plan with the push up challenge. I don't think I got past week 3 either.

  7. Your OCtober Tally looks great! Way to go!

    Sounds like a great challenge for this month! You go girl!

  8. Good luck with the push ups! I made it to week 6 and was able to do 51 consecutive good form push ups!!

    I am so glad your back is feeling better!!!!

  9. Well, I think you did good to lose only a week due to the back issue. I'd love to get back to doing some in my off-season. I will have to take it slower than I did last year, though, as I tried to ramp up too fast and ended up with shoulder pain. Ick.

  10. I tried to do the push up challenge a bunch of times too! I need to start again at some point, maybe next month haha (I wonder why I never got far haha)

  11. I *may* try the push-up challenge again. With my messed up shoulder though, I will have to do the altered push-ups. ;)
    Good luck!

  12. "* This is my third attempt and I'm going with 'real' pushups again even if I don't make it as far in the program. It's just a much better exercise overall. Day 1 complete..."

    I'm in.....everyday?!?

    Trainer Talk....those chest/arms/back muscles need some down time. What is the timeline for the pushup challenge?

  13. I'm in for the push-up challenge as well. Thanks for the motivation! Real push-ups, here we come.

  14. Good luck with your third attempt at the push up challenge!

  15. sounds like you're getting it in. And I'm right there with you regarding needing a plan. Makes things feel so much more aligned.

    good luck with this next round!

  16. stay on those pushups! i started the plan once and could tell i was getting stronger... but fizzled out as usual. even if you never get to the 100 in a row (i haven't), it's still a good plan to help build upperbody/core strength! i know if i did pushups on my own i might do 3x20, but the plan makes you get in 100 or 200+ instead! good luck!