Friday, March 7, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Today I did a swim/bike/run of sorts. It wasn't the usual triathlon type, and also wasn't a brick. But it was a fun and satisfying day.


I spent a lot of time working on form today. Was also happy with the 400 in the middle today. I think that concentrating on form paid off.

100 - W/U
200 - 2x100 pull - drills
300 - 3x100 fins - drills
400 - mod/easy timed (8:31!)
300 - 100/100/100 pull/fins/crawl
200 - 4x50 breast up/crawl back
100 - cool down

(Motorized) Bike

Here's the deal. I bought my scooter in early Feb. Couldn't ride it the first weekend because I hadn't taken care of insurance. I was sick for the next two weekends and couldn't do much of anything, much less ride. Last weekend I could have ridden it, but didn't. Today, I *FINALLY* took it out for the first ride.

It was a lot of fun! I'm getting more comfortable with balance and handling and such. Hope to ride more tomorrow. I'm anxious to turn this into part of my regular commute.


7 mile EZ run, minimal walk breaks. Once again, I have it broken down by quarter miles. Overall pace ended up 12:28 min/mi, distance was 7.11mi.


  1. You sound so good... great to be well!!

  2. That's a LOT of swimming! Great job. I need to do more form work. I am slow and need to get my form down, so I can speed up a little.

    Awesome run too! Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. Awesome swim!!

    The motorized bike is just too cool...I bet you will have lots of fun commuting on it :)

    Great run, too. You will be so ready for the half mary.

    Boy, you had an active Friday!

  4. Nice job on the workouts and getting out on the scooter. Sounds like fun!

  5. Now thats a good day! I wish they would allow scooters in triathlon :-)

  6. Way cool, pics from the scooter..

    Great job on the workouts as well.

  7. the scooter pic!

    Great job with the swimming.

  8. Form work always pays off in swimming. Even if you (like me) grumble the whole time you do it.

  9. Well done you!

    I am seriously impressed. And slightly envious of your scooter. Though here in London we are bracing ourselves for THE storm of the maybe not such a good idea atm.

    And being the nerd I am...How do you make those chart thingies for your splits?

  10. Nice job getting out on the scooter! How fun to have a new toy.

  11. I like your scooter picture! ...Oh and great running and swimming too! :o)

  12. Alright!!! Nothing like enjoying the scooter . . .at last ;-)

  13. Fantastic!!

    I have been looking for an (another) excuse to buy a garmin for ages!

    Keep up the good work Lisa, we're all rooting for you.


  14. Glad you had fun w/ your bike. Cool pic of you in your bike's mirror.

  15. Great time for your 7 miler!!