Saturday, December 8, 2007

How not to pace yourself

aka "Jingle Bell 10K Race Report"

aka "Virtual 8 on the 8th Race Report"

aka "You seriously expect me to run in THIS?!?!?"

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. I've had a busy week and I'm not feeling up to par. Wednesday, I came down with a headcold. Thursday, son had a Christmas concert. Friday, Bandit had oral surgery to remove a broken tooth (and a dental cleaning while he was under). And today is pegged for 8 on the 8th.

Let's start with the weather forcast that I woke up to: High of 51, winds 20-30mph, chance of rain 40% .

Husband & I were scheduled to run the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 10K this morning. We arrived at the race site about an hour ahead of the start time so that we could pick up our packets, get our chips, etc.

We spent most of the pre-race time in the car trying to stay warm. I asked him if he thought it would rain. He looked up at the grey skies and said "nahhh"

This race is at Balloon Fiesta park with two loops scheduled for the 10K. There is a long low grade hill for most of miles 1 and 4. There are other hills, not as significant. This is the 2nd year that we've run this race (last year just one loop for the 5K) so we knew what to expect.

Before I get to the detailed race report, I want to say that I am disappointed in the race this year. We run this because it raises money for the Arthritis Foundation, but I'm not sure I'll run it again next year. There was not a single aid station on the course....NONE...NADA...ZIP. There was confusion when we arrived about our race numbers (the numbers on the list didn't match the numbers on the bags with our names). And when we got home, we realized that while my bag had a shirt (a nice one, I might add), Husband's bag did not contain a shirt. What's up with that? As I type this, he is headed back over to the venue in hopes that someone is still there so he can get his shirt.

At about 7minutes before the scheduled start time, there was an announcement for all 10K runners to assemble at the start line because the race was going to start on time. We got out of the car and went over to the assembly area, only to be led through a pre-race macarena warm-up. Ugggh. It's cold and windy. Let's just start running, people!!

When that was over, we walked to the start line, and the race finally began with the sound of a horn. Between miles 1 and 2, I wondered, hmmm, do I feel rain? By mile 3, there was no question. It was rain.

Folks, I've lived in the desert for 17yrs. When it rains, we stay inside. We certainly don't run in it. I mean, something bad could happen. You might slip and fall. You could get a raindrop in your eye and be blinded or something. I dunno, just something bad might happen.

But then again, on a course with no aid stations, I guess it gives you a way to stay hydrated.

BTW, I carried my hydration belt with two little 8 oz bottles of accelerade and shoved a gel in my skirt pocket. I felt a little silly wearing a hydration belt at a 10K race, but once I realized that there wasn't anything for us out on the course, I suddenly felt brilliant!!

I won't bore you with the details of the run. I ran, and it rained, and I got wet. That pretty much sums it up. On the car ride on the way home, I started shivering and realized that my clothes were soaking wet. There's no way you're convincing me otherwise, running in the rain is something to be avoided.

On with the numbers. You will notice that my pace was all over the map. Hence the title of the post.

10K finish time 01:09:20 per my Garmin.
Pace 11:03

Mile 1: 10:50
Mile 2: 9:50
Mile 3: 10:59
Mile 4: 12:20*
Mile 5: 11:06
Mile 6: 11:06
Mile 6.26: 2:41 (9:58 pace)

1.75 add on: 18:40 (10:41 pace)**

8 on the 8th Finish time: 1:28:00 (did I add wrong?? It turned out completely even, weird.)
pace: 11:00 (does that seem right?)

* I ended up walking a bit on mile 4. I decided to take off my sweatshirt and also took a gel and some accelerade

** I want to be honest and put myself out there for a possible DQ for 8 on the 8th because my add-on miles actually happened on the 7th; I had planned on doing it today after the race, but there's no way I'm heading back out in today's blustery wet weather. It's your call, virtual race officials.


  1. Burrr!! Yes, it's cold, windy and wet today. I just stepped outside with the dogs, and quickly got back inside the house...chilly!!

    Sorry your race wasn't fun :( I'm impressed that you and hubby got out there and did it though. That's a lot more than I've done today.

    My excuse for not doing the race was our son's wrestling meet, but turned out he didn't even wrestle. So, I could've signed up, but now I'm glad I didn't.

    Hang in know our rain won't last too many days!

  2. HOLY!!! You were a running queen!! Awesome job Lisa!! I'm sorry that the race wasn't up to par but you kicked butt!!

  3. I'm with you on the running in the cold rain thing. Fugeddaboudit.

  4. Loved your entire report!!

    Especially appreciated the comment,"When it rains, we stay inside." My recollection is that, growing up in Iowa, "When it is below zero, we stay inside." And so it was here today.

    Cheers to you for toughing it out, and for a delightful sharing.

  5. Sorry to hear that the race organization was less than adequate.. NO aid stations, what's up with that..

    Good for you and your hubby to gut it out...

    Great job on finishing whatever time it was.

    I'll trade you weather wise thou.. I think it was only 20 degrees today in chi-town..

  6. I'm saying your time counts! You made the effort to do as much as possible. And you beat me, just like I said you did! You are faster than you think!

  7. What?!? A pre-race macarena warm-up?!? Yep, that's just nuts...

  8. Hey, at least you got out there! Weren't you glad afterwards you didn't just stay indoors?

  9. I think race officials and fellow participants are pretty lenient for the virtual race. Personally, I think it counts. Good job!

  10. Sometimes, running in the rain rocks. Sometimes it doesn't :-) Way to get the job done!!!! I think you did 8! No DQ necessary!!

    Also, they make a two bottle fuel belt specifically for 10Ks... Sounds like you were smart to me. If it hadn't rained, you would've been without hydration :-)

  11. Nice job!!! Your times look fantastic!!

  12. Ok, I won't try to convince you that running in the rain can be fun:) I actually do not like running in the rain that much either, but it's mandatory here in the Northwest. Sorry the race did not meet standard. I agree there should have been at least one aid station.

  13. Ugh. I don't mind cold and damp, but actually raining? It sounds cold and sticky. Glad I missed it. Hope you have a better run, soon!

  14. DQ???? Are you crazy? Not even close. You found a way to get 8 miles done. Great job.

    Thanks for joining us!!

  15. Well done running while strange wet stuff fell from the sky, you are so brave!
    Badly organised races give me the pip. Hope husband got his shirt.

  16. Pre race macarena - that is wrong on SO many levels. And NO aid stations, isan't that against the law? Hope your hubby got a shirt!
    Congrates on have the will to be there and to push through...with a great time might I add!

    Take Care!

  17. I live in the desert and if I have the opportunity to run in the rain, I do (as long as there is no lightning!)- it's such a treat! And the hot shower feels SOOOO GOOOD afterwards!
    Great job on your race!