Sunday, July 6, 2014


Celebrated Freedom on the Fourth by going for a 28 mile ride with husband.  When we got back to our street, he continued on for an extra 10.  That was a nice way to ride together even though our distance targets were not the same.

I'm 80% certain that I want to do the Pedal Los Pueblos MS ride in September.  It's a two day ride with a variety of distances to choose from each day. Assuming we do it, I will choose the 36 & 40 mile routes for a total of 76 miles over two days. That's far enough to be challenging, but not so far that I'll hate my bike afterwards.  It's a hilly course, so I need to work on climbing.

Similarly, I'm 80% certain that I want to do the Day of the Tread half century. That one is at the end of October, which is an absolutely beautiful time to ride. That route also includes climbing.  Do you sense a theme?

This morning I went out on a short 8.1 mile ride.  Made sure to do a route with some elevation gain.  It was a nice morning.

Observation that made me chuckle this morning: all of my cycling self portraits tend to be similarly off center.  At least you get some idea of what it looks like where I ride.

I need to register for Live.Love.Tri before it sells out.  I'm trying to decide whether to register for the triathlon or the aquabike.  I'm leaning toward the aquabike just because of the problems I've had with my knee and foot.  If I can make a decision, I'd like to register today.

I'm really trying to LOVE cycling.  Not quite there...yet...but almost.


  1. Sounds like you are starting to fall in love with cycling! I hope to follow suit!

  2. You know I rode a ton when I was in the boot this spring...and I fell in love with my bike all over again. This year I bought the clip in shoes which pretty much sealed the deal. Now that I'm back to running, I find myself craving time in the saddle. Who knew?


  3. I love that you're cycling so much! Now that I'm back in marathon training I'm trying not to let it fall by the wayside.

  4. I laughed at your off centre thing - something about my poor sense of scale / orientation means my self-taken photos are almost always off the mark! I am impressed with your cycling too and it sounds like you had a great 4th of July.

  5. You are off centre because you like to show us the scenery behind you!
    Glad you enjoy biking.