Sunday, April 14, 2013

Best laid plans

often go awry.

Without going into too much of a rant, let me just say that I'm really tired of two things right now: scheduling my runs around others & the freaking wind.

I've been planning my running schedule so that it works out better with others.  Generally, this means planning to run in the afternoon which is when the wind is at it's worst.  Too often that results in us cancelling due to excessive wind (and sand-blasting and allergies and general ickyness).  I'm so over that.

Given past performance with weather conditions such as those in the forecast for the first half of the week, I just know I need to do something different.

The new plan is that I will *really* try to run solo in the morning before work (at least on Monday & Wednesday) before work before the wind gets too bad.

Disadvantages:  No running partner, colder running temps, earlier wake-up (coldest part of the day is right after the sun comes up, so temps will be close to the lows listed in the weather forecast)

Advantages:  Less wind, Can run from home (vs. drive to meet somewhere), less rushing after work.

Wish me luck!  I'll need it when the alarm goes off...

[Updated:  Thanks for the well-wishes.  Day 1 was a success!!!]


  1. Maybe it will be a nice departure from the afternoon/windy run! I do all my runs in the morning, I just like starting my day off running. Good luck and hope it's not windy!

  2. You'll enjoy your day so much more if you've run in the morning - so GOOD LUCK!! when the alarm goes off :)

  3. Do it! running before work by yourself is a great way to get the job done and starts the day off right.